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Sep 6, 2011

Sev­er­al months ago I received an email sent to me using the “Send Me A Note” form on my blog. It was from an art stu­dent request­ing infor­ma­tion on Crack­ling Medi­um as he knew I used it often as he found links about me on the inter­net which then brought him to my blog. I replied back with all the answers to his ques­tions and told him all the brands I used and what effects would occur when using them, then we both went on our mer­ry way. All I knew was his name was Abhishek Kumar but had no clue where he was from.

I got busy with book dead­lines and did­n’t think much more about it. I was just glad I could answer his ques­tions and help him out. Once the book dead­lines were com­plet­ed I was on face­book one day with the chat set­ting on… well I was so sur­prised when he popped on and let me know he tried the crack­ling medi­ums and real­ly liked the out­come. I was so hap­py to hear they worked for him and he had me go to his blog to see. I was AMAZED with his work!!!

His por­traits are stun­ning and his abstract art is just as amaz­ing. So I feel I must share some images of Abhishek Kumar’s work. I think you will cer­tain­ly be inspired. I tru­ly love how the inter­net makes the world feel like a much small­er place, New Del­hi, India seems like it is just around the cor­ner.

Daisy — Pen­cil on News­pa­per

Ram­s­ingh (Col­lege’s Mod­el) Oil on Can­vas

His abstract art is just as amaz­ing. I look at his work over and over and always notice some­thing I missed before.

These are still in the works but are rep­re­sent­ing which aren’t visu­al, emo­tion, sound, or spir­i­tu­al expe­ri­ence. Sim­pli­fi­ca­tions of real­i­ty, where detail is elim­i­nat­ed from recog­nis­able objects leav­ing only the essence or some degree of recog­nis­able form. I love his col­or com­bi­na­tions.

This one is titled “Time Dila­tion” and is oil on can­vas. I love how he paint­ed the per­son is he com­ing to or leav­ing the room… such a unique piece.

He even does water­col­ors… this piece is titled “The Rota­tion”.

And Pas­tels & Pen­cil Col­ors on Paper. This piece is title “Nature Com­po­si­tion.”

I hope you enjoy his art­work as much as I do. I plan on keep­ing in touch with Abhishek Kumar via his Face­book page to see what hap­pens to him in the world of art. I think he has incred­i­ble poten­tial to be some­one great.

I loved one of his com­ments on his face­book page and just had to share it with you… It went like this…

10 Steps-
1. Paint. 2. Paint more. 3. Paint even more. 4. Paint even more than that. 5. Paint when you don’t want to. 6. Paint when you do. 7. Paint when you have some­thing to say. 8. Paint when you don’t. 9. Paint every day. 10. Keep paint­ing. ;)

I feel like these 10 Steps work for me too in the mixed media world… bot­tom line is just keep cre­at­ing.


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