Super Cute Idea

Sep 1, 2011

I’m not sure if I should thank Chris­tine Drumheller’s moth­er or not but she now has me on the hunt for vin­tage salt and pep­per shak­ers to make unique dec­o­ra­tive tas­sels. Yes, you read right… tas­sels. Chris­tine did a few blog posts for me while I was gone so I snagged this pho­to show­cas­ing a lay­out she cre­at­ed of her and her Mom. I thought you should see the face of this cre­ative lady.

While Chris­tine and I were chat­ting one day at CHA‑S she told me about these unique tas­sels her moth­er used to make from salt and pep­per shak­ers. Well, Chris­tine sent me two and I have just got to share this idea with you. Have I told you how cute of an idea this is… I mean seri­ous­ly how cute is that lit­tle pig­gy and toma­to! They are going to look so cute hang­ing in my kitchen. I can­not wait to make a few sets to give as gifts. Oh the thrill of this hunt is gonna be a good one… I just know it. There are so many styles of salt and pep­per shak­ers out there… I can­not wait to see what I find.

This lit­tle pig­gy went to mar­ket to buy a… toma­to?

Hap­py thrift­ing…

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