ScrapFest Recap

Sep 21, 2011

Trav­el­ing to dif­fer­ent places to teach is always so much fun but being home and in your own bed is awe­some. Last night, I slept so hard I don’t think I even moved in my sleep. ScrapFest was awe­some, incred­i­ble, amaz­ing and inspir­ing. I would do it all over again tomor­row, if I could. I had a blast teach­ing all 6 of the Maya Road class­es. Every one who came to class was so upbeat and excit­ed. It was so fun get­ting to chat with so many cre­ative peo­ple from all over the coun­try. I real­ly enjoyed being in MN. The peo­ple are so nice and get­ting away from the Texas heat was awe­some.

I have so many pho­tos I want to share that I took dur­ing the event so I decid­ed to cre­ate a col­lage. You will find pho­tos from some of my class­es, some of Emi­ly and Ron­da doing make-n-takes, the gor­geous and very pop­u­lar zip­per flow­ers Car­o­line was demo­ing, Ron­da and Emi­ly prep­ping for make-n-takes while I was cre­at­ing my class sam­ples and a pho­to of my book. Just a lit­tle FYI… there are signed copies of my book at Archiver’s in the Mall of Amer­i­ca.

Each day Maya Road did two dif­fer­ent make-n-takes and Car­o­line fig­ured Maya Road did approx­i­mate­ly 2,000 make-n-takes dur­ing ScrapFest. YAY, Maya Road!

Mon­day, we had a relax­ing sight see­ing day and went to the Min­neapo­lis Sculp­ture Gar­den. What a gor­geous place to vis­it. The flow­ers gar­dens were so vibrant in col­or and the sculp­tures were incred­i­ble. It was a gor­geous day to walk the gar­den.

After walk­ing the gar­den and tak­ing loads of pho­tos we ate lunch, shopped at Wet Paint which is an awe­some art store, those of you who live in the area are so lucky! Then we head­ed to a fab­ric store were Ron­da, Car­o­line and I all walked out with an arm full of fab­rics and loads of cre­ative ideas. It was a great day of shop­ping and fun.

Mon­day evening, we head­ed back to the Mall of Amer­i­ca were Car­o­line and Ron­da laughed and I screamed in ter­ror the entire time we were in Nick­elodeon Uni­verse. I do NOT like roller­coast­ers or any­thing that goes up and down and swirls around but not want­i­ng to be the par­ty poop­er I agreed to ride Fair­ly Odd Coast­er, Pep­si Orange Streak, Sponge­Bob SquarePants Rock Bot­tom Plunge, Jim­my Nuetron’s Atom­ic Col­lid­er and the Log Chute. After all that my tum­my was let­ting me know one more ride and some­one next to me was going to pay the ulti­mate price so I sat and watched Car­o­line and Ron­da ride the Fair­ly Odd Coast­er again! There was no way they could pry me from the bench. I was not going for round num­ber two.

Car­o­line and Ron­da are in the car in the upper left area of the pho­to.

And here is Ron­da just after we got off the Log Chute… she rode in the front. I rode in the very back squeez­ing onto and hid­ing behind Car­o­line.

So as you can see we were super busy yet had a super fun time. I hope to be able to do it all again next year… exclud­ing a few rides. Now I need to focus on mak­ing sure every­thing is ready for Artis­tic Jour­ney, next week­end as well as fin­ish up a few assign­ments and projects. I have a Hal­loween and Christ­mas Mini Album online work­shop to put togeth­er as well as get some blog hop projects and oth­er cre­ations fin­ished and sent out asap!


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