Friday Night Lights

Sep 12, 2011

Thurs­day after­noon, Alan and I head­ed down to Beau­mont to sur­prise my nephew Brit­tain at his Home­com­ing game, Fri­day night. I love try­ing to sur­prise my niece’s and nephew although the old­er they get the hard­er it gets. But I did it this time and it was so fun. See­ing a sur­prised smil­ing face look­ing back at you while you hold a sign say­ing, I♥ #22, is the best feel­ing in the world.

Warn­ing: This post is heavy on Fri­day Night Lights pho­tos.

Brit­tain was part of the Home­com­ing Court and before the game they per­formed all the Home­com­ing fes­tiv­i­ties.

Mom and Bel­lie wait­ing for the game to start. As you can see Bel­lie was ready to see some action. She had not warmed up to me quite yet. But once she did she was off and on my lap, teas­ing and hav­ing an over­all blast at the game.

Get­ting Ready for Kick Off… Brit­tain is #22.

Kick Off was moments away. Look at that cute #22.

Brit­tain is in that group some place… I could nev­er keep up with him.

Made­lyn cheer­ing on her big broth­er. We did lots of cheer­ing as it seemed to be one touch­down after anoth­er dur­ing the game.

Bel­lie decid­ed to take self por­traits with my cam­era… this is the only one that actu­al­ly got her face in the shot.

Brit­tain in between a play. The final score was Lions 50 — Long­horns 20. Kountze Lions played an awe­some game.

Then we met Brit­tain on the field for pho­tos. Alan (a.k.a. It’s In The Details Tech Sup­port Guy), Brit­tain and Me.

Mom Mom, Brit­tain and Paw Paw (a.k.a. My mom and dad)

Good­bye Kiss­es for Bel­lie.

Some good­bye kiss­es for Made­lyn and it was off to the lock­er room for him for a much need­ed show­er. And we all packed our­selves in the car and head­ed home. It was a fun night hav­ing all the fam­i­ly gath­er­ing togeth­er to cheer on Brit­tain and the team. I wish I was­n’t so far away so I could go to more of his games. But I made it to his Home­com­ing game which was awe­some and he was sur­prised so… mis­sion accom­plished.

Then Sat­ur­day mom, dad and I went junkin and my good­ness did I find some awe­some vin­tage items for Christ­mas class­es. I can­not wait to get start­ed on projects to teach at The Crafty Scrap­per. But first I need to start my final book edit, wash clothes, pack and head for ScrapFest Wednes­day. It’s going to be a busy week but oh so fun. Hope to see you there.




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