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Aug 31, 2011

It is cer­tainly no secret how much I love going to thrift stores and antique shops. I have shared my love of this many a time on my blog. I love the thrill of the hunt and never know­ing what you will find around each cor­ner. I thought it would be nice to show you what I do with some of the finds as they make me very happy in my scrap­room. There is just some­thing so calm­ing look­ing at and using items from days gone by.

This lit­tle planter was my grandmother’s. I just stuck some bat­ting in the open­ing, cov­ered it with mate­r­ial I found in the rem­nant sec­tion of my favorite resale shop and now use it as a pin cush­ion. It’s per­fect for my Maya Road pins and sewing nee­dles. The flocked flow­ers sit in a glass bowl just wait­ing to be used. The old suit­case I use to store items that I don’t use all that often but want to keep them near.

This wire fruit bowl is per­fect to hold some of my favorite Maya Road trims. Although, they had the nerve to retire some of these so now they are part of my hoarded stash. The milk glass dish holds vin­tage but­tons. As you know I love using these in my projects. The lit­tle bird sits on top of them as if she is guard­ing a nest. I spent all of $2.00 for the fruit bowl, milk glass dish and bird. Not bad! The suit­case was given to me by a friend sev­eral years ago.

These types of jars can always be found for cheap at thrift stores. Usu­ally under a $1.00. I have rib­bons and flow­ers stored in the cookie jar style and pens in the cov­ered refrig­er­a­tor dish I found this one for $0.49 can’t beat that now can you. I pre­fer clear glass items as it makes see­ing what I have inside so much eas­ier. I’m not good at guess­ing although I do pretty much have every­thing mem­o­rized in it’s spe­cial spot in my scrap­room. My friend Lisa E. has no clue how I keep all the inven­tory straight inside my head.

I wrapped my embroi­dery floss around some wooden spools that were my grand­moth­ers. She saved all the empty spools for what I do not know but I sure am glad she did. I love how they look in her old mason jars. Mason jars are per­fect for stor­ing all kinds of scrap­book sup­plies. Mom found a really cool metal frog while we were on vaca­tion. It goes on top of a mason jar that will be a per­fect way to store my paint­brushes. When I get it put up I will take a photo and share it with you. I can­not wait to put it and my brushes out on the shelf.

And today, I want to wish my sweet nephew Brit­tain a very “Happy 18th Birth­day.” I hope you have an awe­some day. I Love you infin­ity, Brittain.




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  • Mom & Dad

    It seems like last year you were going into the 8th grade!!

  • Tammy Tut­terow

    Can you believe it, I have that same wire fruit bowl! I keep a stash of vin­tage paper­goods in mine.