Five Photos

Aug 2, 2011

These five pho­tos bring back way more than five mem­o­ries that is for sure and are some of my favorites.

Down­town Chica­go is one of my favorite places to vis­it. I could walk all over every sin­gle square inch of it (that is as long as it isn’t 5,000 degrees out­side like it was when I was there a week ago. Ok that might be a bit dra­mat­ic but gosh it sure did fee like it) I nev­er get tired of look­ing at all the build­ings and archi­tec­ture as well as the street enter­tain­ment.

Cape Ned­dick Light­house also known as “Nub­ble Light House”. Mom and I got to go and vis­it the light­house while in Maine last sum­mer. I loved walk­ing around the coast­line, smelling the salty air and eat­ing “Salt­wa­ter Taffy”. We had an incred­i­ble day of adven­tures. The beach­es along the east coast are my favorite. I always feel so at home there.

This pho­to is of my broth­er, Richard. It was tak­en one sum­mer while on a day sail.  In the sum­mers my fam­i­ly would go day sail­ing all along Sabine Lake. We would sail out to small islands to look around, go crab­bing, eat lunch and just have sim­ple fun. Richard always loved being out­side and I loved to bird watch. He would walk in among the reeds but I on the oth­er hand stayed back as I was a chick­en. If he saw some­thing real­ly inter­est­ing that I just had to go see I would ven­ture in but it had to be good.

I did­n’t get to my grand­fa­ther’s camp in Acton, Maine, very often but when I did I loved it. I tell ya that lake water is COLD… like numb your feet kin­da cold as soon as you walk in. I nev­er could go swim­ming in that water. Ter­ri and Ans­ley did when they were lit­tle. Thank­ful­ly my aunt was there so she went swim­ming with them or I fear I would have had heart fail­ure as soon as that water hit my stom­ach. She saved a life that day and did­n’t even know it. My dad told me grow­ing up my grand­moth­er would make him and his sib­lings come out of the water and warm up when their lips turned BLUE! I swear when you are a kid you do not have nerve end­ings.

Oh the many mem­o­ries I have vis­it­ing this place. These build­ings are part of my fam­i­ly her­itage in Buck­han­non, WV. When vis­it­ing my grand­par­en­t’s in Salem, WV each sum­mer all the fam­i­ly would meet here and we would spend the day. This is the house and build­ings of my ances­tor Enoch Childers and his wife Rebec­ca Hin­kle — Childers. When I was young it still had fur­ni­ture and oth­er house­hold items inside. I loved look­ing at all the items and won­der­ing what it was like liv­ing there. I can still see my grand­fa­ther sit­ting on the porch read­ing a jour­nal list­ing all the prices they paid for items. Last year, was the first year I was brave enough to go up in the attic. My broth­er always tried to get me to go up but no way. I only did it last year, because my mom was with me… sad but true. There are apple trees and plum trees around the house, they had a big gar­den and small live­stock. The small build­ings around the main house are bed­rooms the men slept in, a smoke­house etc.

And I’m so excit­ed because I will be there next week, my aunt and uncle live just up from the old fam­i­ly home. I took this pho­to while stand­ing on their front porch. Mon­day, mom, dad and I will start the dri­ve up there and I can­not wait to see every­one. Hope­ful­ly, I will get a break from this ter­ri­ble Texas heat.




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