Jul 22, 2011

Got­ta say, I am lov­ing the new pack­ag­ing for all the Melt Art prod­ucts by Ranger. It looks so edgy and cool.  While at CHA I stud­ied every square inch of the Ranger booth look­ing at all the incred­i­ble prod­ucts.

One of the make n takes taught by Deb­bie Tlach was cre­at­ing this real­ly cute ring you can see on Ranger’s blog… click here for that link and here for the step by step instruc­tions. Great minds do think alike as I too loved Tim’s rose but­ton from his Fan­ci­ful Flower but­ton col­lec­tion and made the very same mold using Ranger’s Mold-n-Pour back in Jan­u­ary. His rose but­ton is the per­fect size for a ring or charm for a neck­lace. I used a sim­ple sil­ver ring base on mine because Ans­ley is a sim­ple kin­da jew­el­ry per­son.

So I thought it would be fun to show you some of the dif­fer­ent things I cre­at­ed using the same Fan­ci­ful Flower but­ton and some vin­tage but­tons I had on hand. You all are going to want to make these they are so much FUN!

I cre­at­ed these using the Clear UTTE and some of the oth­er col­ors. I believe the blue and fuch­sia col­ors have been dis­con­tin­ued but don’t quote me on that… the top two ros­es use their white and gold UTEE.

I cre­at­ed a mold using a vin­tage but­ton to cre­ate the pol­ka dot ring.  It too is one of Ans­ley’s favorites. And look at how per­fect­ly you can fit a rhine­stone in the cen­ter of the rose embell­ish­ment. Seri­ous­ly, you all are going to want to make these like crazy and you store own­ers this is the sim­plest make n take to do. You will have lines of peo­ple wait­ing to make these.

I made this ring  for Ans­ley’s friend. She also has a match­ing charm for a neck­lace.

Her charm is sim­i­lar to this one but with­out the rhine­stone. This charm is mine. I for­got to get a pho­to of the oth­er one. Gosh I get so mad at myself when I for­get to take a pho­to of a project.

And here is the ring I cre­at­ed for Ans­ley. She want­ed the rhine­stone in the cen­ter… like moth­er like daugh­ter. So ladies and gents get out that Melt­ing Pot, some UTTE, your Mold-n-Pour and start cre­at­ing. Before you know it you will be look­ing for things to make unique molds from, from all over your house.

UTEE is a great prod­uct and one I have a BLAST play­ing around with…


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