Faux Beach Glass

Jul 6, 2011

You all know how I love UTEE, well I fig­ured out how to make embell­ish­ments look like tum­bled pieces of glass found on the beach. I want­ed some­thing that resem­bled a bro­ken piece of glass from a  jar or vase that looked as though it had been tum­bling and tum­bling in the ocean and the rough edges smoothed by the sand… this is what I made. I love it. It looks just like old mason jar glass. I will cer­tain­ly be cre­at­ing more of these with dif­fer­ent images to make into charms.

And if you want to pop it up a lit­tle just add some Per­fect Gold ~ Per­fect Pearls and you get a nice embell­ish­ment that reminds me of vin­tage bowls and plat­ters with embossed areas accent­ed with gold.

This is so super fun. What do you think?

Those of you who are signed up for my “Tips, Tech­niques & Tuto­ri­als” online work­shop, I will have a tuto­r­i­al on how I cre­at­ed this post­ed with­in the week. I think you’re going to LOVE mak­ing these.

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