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Jul 4, 2011

Above is the complete layout using the silhouette I created of me and my brother, Richard. I was around 7 or 8 and Richard was around 5 or 6. Sadly, Richard passed away in 2004 from alcoholism at the age of 38. The photo below has always been a favorite of mine and even though I cannot see or talk to him now, I know he’s always at my side.

July 4th has never been the same since he passed. His 5 niece’s and 1 nephew (poor boy) knew Richard would purchase a ton of fireworks for them to shoot off. He would either take all the older kids out of the city limits to shoot them off or take his chances and shoot them off down the street at mom and dad’s house. Watching Richard round up all the kids, which were running in every direction but the right direction, so as not to get caught by the police had mom and I laughing until we cried.

They only got caught once and little Terri threw him under the bus mighty quick. When the cops asked Richard if he had anymore fireworks, Terri chimes in with, “only these” in her little “Roo” voice and showing them a handful of bottle rockets. Needless to say, nothing happened and I’m sure the cops still laugh at her deer caught in the headlights face. That moment was priceless. We all have super fun memories of Richard and I miss him a lot but even more so every July 4th.

Kits Used: Main Kit “Urban Loft” and Add On Kit “South Loop”

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  • Patrice is going on a roadtrip

    oh, Lisa – what a beautiful creation!
    the colors and patterns are quite lovely – perfect mix!!

    your brother reminds me of mine – blonde hair and big brown eyes.
    brothers are special indeed – and i miss mine everyday.

    road trip in october . . .

    • Can’t wait to see you in October, Patrice. It is going to be a super fun weekend.

  • That is a wonderful page…nice job.

  • Robin

    Lisa, love that you are honoring our brother in this beautiful layout! I’m so sorry he’s passed away, sounds like he was a “cool” uncle.

  • Mom & Dad

    Thank you Lisa
    A great memory.

  • Janice

    Greetings Lisa,

    I loved the silhouette ..but the whole layout is terrific. I am also so very touched by your story about your brother.. My brother has been struggling as with “stuff” and I do not see him very often …I cancelled a family BBQ this 4th weekend because of work.. and now I feel like YUK… my brother called excited about the get-together and was really bummed that I cancelled. Thanks to you… I am going to call him right now and plan it for next Sunday… and I am going to do everything I can to help him get back on track.. again….
    Regards & Love to you….


    • Janice, I wish your brother all the best. It is a daily struggle but if he really wants to make the change he can. It will not be easy but he can do it. I hope you all have a wonderful family BBQ.


  • oh my goodness, what a truly sweet layout, Lisa. My heart goes out to you, in SO many ways. SO many ways. big hugs!

  • I love this layout of you and your beloved brother. I didn’t lose a brother but I did lose a son so it’s quite easy for me to feel your loss. My son, Jason, died 16 years ago at age 17 and I’ve always regretted not having many photos of the two of us together…since I was usually the one holding the camera. Your silhouette layout is the perfect way to create a keepsake with Jase and I side-by-side, just as we often were. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Lisa Pace

      I’m so sorry for your loss Barbara. I think of Richard every single day as I’m sure you think of Jason.

      Have fun creating your silhouette layout. I would love to see it when you are finished.