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Jul 4, 2011

Above is the com­plete lay­out using the sil­hou­ette I cre­at­ed of me and my broth­er, Richard. I was around 7 or 8 and Richard was around 5 or 6. Sad­ly, Richard passed away in 2004 from alco­holism at the age of 38. The pho­to below has always been a favorite of mine and even though I can­not see or talk to him now, I know he’s always at my side.

July 4th has nev­er been the same since he passed. His 5 niece’s and 1 nephew (poor boy) knew Richard would pur­chase a ton of fire­works for them to shoot off. He would either take all the old­er kids out of the city lim­its to shoot them off or take his chances and shoot them off down the street at mom and dad’s house. Watch­ing Richard round up all the kids, which were run­ning in every direc­tion but the right direc­tion, so as not to get caught by the police had mom and I laugh­ing until we cried.

They only got caught once and lit­tle Ter­ri threw him under the bus mighty quick. When the cops asked Richard if he had any­more fire­works, Ter­ri chimes in with, “only these” in her lit­tle “Roo” voice and show­ing them a hand­ful of bot­tle rock­ets. Need­less to say, noth­ing hap­pened and I’m sure the cops still laugh at her deer caught in the head­lights face. That moment was price­less. We all have super fun mem­o­ries of Richard and I miss him a lot but even more so every July 4th.

Kits Used: Main Kit “Urban Loft” and Add On Kit “South Loop”

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