Goofiest Dog Ever..

May 25, 2011

Chief is such a fun dog to have around. Alan and I have always been huge golden retriever fans… love, love, love this breed. Well, Chief came to us unexpectedly and at first we just were not sure we wanted another great big dog that was not a golden. Well, after one day with this big boy we fell in love with him and all his goofy ways. He is a huge softy and has the best personality. So needless to say, he never left our home. You would think all this dog does, as well as my husband Alan, is sleep on the couch. Honestly, Alan works all the time and Chiefie just loves to be the hard working supervisor as you can see from these photos.

When he is not supervising Alan hard at work, as you can see it is pretty hard, he is being goofy.

When he is not being goofy he is doing this… which makes his mommy crazier than she already is with his whining.

What is that out there?

Maybe if I stare and whine at the door she will let me out? Nope!

Maybe if I look pitiful and whine she will let me out? Nope!

Maybe if I stare at the door I can will it open? Nope!

Gotta make sure it is still there… Yep, it is!

Every single evening we go through this if Mr. Rabbit who lives in our front yard decides he wants to wander into our backyard. Once I say, “Chief knock it off or you’re going to your crate.” he decides dreaming about rabbits is better than chasing them…

Gosh we love this dog!


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  • Marsha

    what a precious story. I had a dog that was a ‘whiner’. We got her when my grandson was about 3 and going through a whining stage. Some time later, I’m talking to someone on the phone and the dog is whining again, and I explained to the person on the other end what the background noise was. My grandson, overhearing the conversation, comes to me and says. ‘why can Cinnamon (the dog) do it and I can’t?’
    Well, Dakota quit whining but Cinnamon never did in her 13 years with me.
    Thought you might enjoy another ‘whiner’ story.

  • Janice

    Greetings Lisa,

    Whiners… eh? Well, I just so happen to have 5 year old Chihuahua BabyGirl ..she is “my naked Baby.. and she too is a whiner. i just love this little baby she has saved my life.. and she is part of what I call physical therapy. I will send you a pic of her on my wedding day,, We call it Church Hat. So funny, must see.. no whining in the hat..not a peep.