Goofiest Dog Ever..

May 25, 2011

Chief is such a fun dog to have around. Alan and I have always been huge gold­en retriev­er fans… love, love, love this breed. Well, Chief came to us unex­pect­ed­ly and at first we just were not sure we want­ed anoth­er great big dog that was not a gold­en. Well, after one day with this big boy we fell in love with him and all his goofy ways. He is a huge softy and has the best per­son­al­i­ty. So need­less to say, he nev­er left our home. You would think all this dog does, as well as my hus­band Alan, is sleep on the couch. Hon­est­ly, Alan works all the time and Chiefie just loves to be the hard work­ing super­vi­sor as you can see from these pho­tos.

When he is not super­vis­ing Alan hard at work, as you can see it is pret­ty hard, he is being goofy.

When he is not being goofy he is doing this… which makes his mom­my cra­zier than she already is with his whin­ing.

What is that out there?

Maybe if I stare and whine at the door she will let me out? Nope!

Maybe if I look piti­ful and whine she will let me out? Nope!

Maybe if I stare at the door I can will it open? Nope!

Got­ta make sure it is still there… Yep, it is!

Every sin­gle evening we go through this if Mr. Rab­bit who lives in our front yard decides he wants to wan­der into our back­yard. Once I say, “Chief knock it off or you’re going to your crate.” he decides dream­ing about rab­bits is bet­ter than chas­ing them…

Gosh we love this dog!


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