Cherry Soda

May 19, 2011

Yesterday, felt like a play day… no work just play. I started creating a project using the June Kit ~ Cherry Soda by Cocoa Daisy. This kit and the add ons are so bright and fun I can’t put it down. As you know most of my work is done with lots of cream colors from old book pages and other ephemera so this is quite a change. And a change I guess I needed at the moment. I’m having so much fun that I thought I’d share a tiny sneak peek with you. Just love the loads of summer color.

If you’re a Cocoa Daisy subscriber you can purchase the main kit and add ons starting, May 28th. Those that are not subscribers can make purchases, June 1st. But… this means you take the chance of the main kit and add ons being sold out. Yikes!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and email about our sweet four legged babies. Sonny, Buster and Chief really do hold a special place in our hearts. With this post I noticed I really do need to share more about my life than just tutorials. I will try to do this more often just hope I don’t bore you to tears. Maybe you all can help me with some topics… what kinda things would you like me to tell you about? Leave me some questions and if I use your question in a blog post I will send you a RAK.

I’ll leave you with this photo of Chiefie supervising Alan my hubby/tech support guy while he works. I guess it’s pretty tiring being a supervisor. And you gotta love a guy that’s not afraid to wear Mr. Bubble.

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  • I have a tech hubby myself! I couldn’t get him into a mr. bubble shirt. I’ve been trying to get my son-in-law to buy and wear the Elmo pajama pants since my 2 year old grandbaby Madison ADORES Elmo! Still no luck there either! Love the dog and his man picture, so cute! The dog wins cute every time though! Susan

  • Janice

    Greetings Lisa,

    I still am trying to figure HOW YOU did 3 projects w/o book pages, buttons and platinum glitter, I really am shocked.. LOL ! I was selected to do the Historical Documents.. scrap pages for Uncle Jakes 90 th Birthday party..I too will have to “tone” it down” a bit and go more traditional here…not my ususal nearly normal self. So, I accepted the project and now I must pull it off!

    Now as for the Mr. Bubble T-Shirt.. I had to do a double take on that one! I used to love MR. B. and the old vintage ad T- shirts they have on the market today… mostly the Beatles T’s etc.. And as far as your personal life goes..I really loe the humor you find in your dogs too.. because my little Chihuahua helps me with my projects all day and never complains… all she wants is a bit of Pupperoni everyday as a reward for all the glue sniffing she does.!

    Enjoy the holiday!