The parentals came to town…

Apr 19, 2011

Saturday, mom and dad came up for a quick visit and when they come they always bring fun stuff. Mom painted me a gorgeous painting that will reside in my scraproom soon so I can see it everyday. I love the colors and texture so much. I did  my best to get the colors correct but the lighting is not working with me too well this morning.

The size of the canvas is 16 x 20 and will fill the space in my scraproom perfectly. Hanging on the green wall will really make all the colors pop nicely. I really like the simplicity of the three little birds sitting on the twig. The sides of the canvas are the same color. Then you have several different shades of beige, red and turquoise. Love, love, love the pops of turqouise.

She attached a piece of Japanese paper (can’t remember the name of it) that she wet and crumpled up onto the canvas before she started painting. The texture it creates is awesome. I’m certainly going to start incorporating this into some of my projects. I like the effect it gives.

Tomorrow, I will show you some of the cute vintage items she brought me. And dad and I went to Lowe’s and got a new tool for me to use on lots of different projects. I’m super excited about it. It’s going to be very helpful using it on some of the metal and wood ideas I have. But for now, I need to get to work big time on book projects. Today, I am going to try hard to get 2 completed. We will see what the day brings. I’m thinking a 5 hour energy drink is in the near future. I need to get moving.

Hugs & Stickles!

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  • That is beautiful! I first thought it was a pillow until I read your note and realized my dear sweet auntie painted it. Uh, what is this new tool your father introduced to you?

  • a Dremel…. with lots of different attachments and stuff. I cannot wait to play with it more but first I have got to get my book projects completed.

  • Lynn Little Bald Eagle

    You have GREAT parents!!!! First of all, gorgeous art piece and secondly, your dad buying you tools – awesome! Can’t wait to meet you at June’s Paper Cowgirl!!!!

  • Janice

    Greetings Lisa!

    You are so lucky to have talented artistic parents…a chip off the ol’ block eh? !! Love the painting Mom! This Dremel can also trim your furry guys toe nails too! Very kool, huh?

    Lisa, your email heading today also caught my eye …as I too refer to my parents “The Parental Units”. So I had a good laugh. Thanks for sharing… and love the ruler… they are so fun for mixed media ART. OK, Now go.. finish that book ..your killing us here!

    Peace,Pearls & Glitter,