I survived…

Apr 4, 2011

Bare­ly, but I did sur­vive the tap­ing of two videos Fri­day, while in Cincin­nati. Glad that is over. But I do believe you are going to like the tuto­ri­als and now I know how I want to do some for my blog. Once they fin­ish per­form­ing mir­a­cles in the edit­ing room they will send me the videos to share with all of you. The week was super awe­some and I am so excit­ed to see this book come togeth­er. While talk­ing to every­one there about the design and lay­out I could final­ly pic­ture it com­ing togeth­er in my head. I’m going to be so proud of this book. It is exact­ly how I hoped it would be.

Before I left for Cincin­nati I made a few fab­ric flow­ers and thought I would show you how to make them. They are so fun to accent bags, purs­es and of course cloth­ing.

This one is for my friend Ron­da as in Help Me Ron­da. She is all about col­or so while dig­ging in my fab­ric scraps and I came across this I had to make her one.

This flower was made for my edi­tor Jen­ni Clay­don. She has been awe­some to work with and reads my mind… this is great for me but if I were her I would be very afraid.

I made this flower for Chris­tine Doyle. Chris­tine is the Edi­to­r­i­al Direc­tor at F+W Media and a true delight to chat with… when­ev­er I’m in for a pho­to shoot we always go to lunch one day and she always comes by the Maya Road booth at CHA to say hi. She pret­ty much oozes sweet­ness.

This flower is twice the size of the oth­ers. I made this one for Chris­tine Polom­sky. She is one of the pho­tog­ra­phers who pho­tographed the images in my Delight In The Details book and pho­tographed all the step outs last week. She is such a super patient and won­der­ful per­son to work with. I thought this flower would look cute on one of her cam­era or tote bags.

So as you can see some of the flow­ers have felt lay­ers mixed in with fab­ric. All I did was use the Tim Holtz Alter­ations Tat­tered Flo­rals Die and cut out 9 of the larg­er flower from felt and fab­ric then one felt cir­cle about2.5 inch­es in diam­e­ter . I then cut the fab­ric flow­ers in half plac­ing one half of the fab­ric flower on top of a felt piece, fold­ed the felt piece in half and placed the sec­ond half of the cut fab­ric piece on top of the felt piece. Then I fold­ed this piece in half form­ing a tri­an­gle. Next I stitched a straight stitch across the bot­tom por­tion of the piece about a 1/2 from the tip. You will repeat these steps until you have 9 com­plet­ed petals for your flower.

Once all 9 are fin­ished place fab­ric adhe­sive to the cen­ter of the felt cir­cle and begin attach­ing the flower petals. You need to remem­ber two things… make sure the points of each petal match up and meet in the cen­ter. And on the petals you will have one side that has the fold and one side that opens just a bit… when attach­ing the petals to the felt cir­cle make sure the petals all go the same direc­tion. I made sure the fold was always on the left side as I attached it to the felt cir­cle.

Once you have four petals attached to the felt cir­cle apply more fab­ric adhe­sive to the cen­ter on top of the points and attach four more flower petals mak­ing sure to place the first petal for this lay­er on top of the area where two petals meet. Hav­ing the sec­ond lay­er off set from the bot­tom lay­er will make your flower look nicer and more nat­ur­al. Once you fin­ish attach­ing all four petals place fab­ric adhe­sive to the cen­ter of the sec­ond lay­er and attach the last remain­ing petal.

To com­plete your flower find the cen­ter of the top petal, apply fab­ric adhe­sive and place some sta­mens in the cen­ter. Now attach a pin back to the back of the felt cir­cle and you are done.

For the larg­er flower instead of using a flo­ral die I hand cut larg­er flow­ers from felt and fab­ric then repeat­ed the same steps as I did for the small­er ones. Give these a try. They are super fun and easy to make and can be used for many dif­fer­ent things.

Wish­ing you a hap­py Mon­day,
Hugs & Stick­les!



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