Coffee Cup Planter

Apr 22, 2011

Here is another project dad and I made while he and mom were up to visit. Using the Dremel we drilled a hole in the lower side of the cof­fee cup so water could drain, then I placed a few rocks in the bot­tom of the cof­fee cup, some dirt and my plant. Once it grows a bit more I’ll place it in a larger con­tainer like an old spice tin or some­thing. Of course mak­ing sure to use my handy dandy Dremel to drill holes in the bot­tom of the tin. But until then it will sit in my kitchen win­dow bask­ing in the morn­ing sun.

Have a great weekend.

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  • Bec Miller on Facebook

    Gor­geous idea!! Might have to try this!

  • Laura Mor­gan Vigliarolo on Facebook

    I really need to dig MY dremel out of the bot­tom of Jon’s tool box

  • Laura Mor­gan Vigliarolo on Facebook

    I can see herbs planted on my kitchen win­dow sill

  • Laura Slinger­land Casey on Facebook

    Ohhh…Perfect for herbs !!!!!! Thanks !!

  • Dar­lene Nahre on Facebook

    Lisa, you can also drill threw a saucer and take a metal rod from home depot with thred­ded end and put together with a screw-saucer and cup-You now have a lit­tle bird bath for your flower gar­den out­side!! just stick the rod into ground HAPPY CREATING

  • Dar­lene Nahre on Facebook


  • Lisa M. Pace on Facebook

    Hey but a bird bath would work too with a big­ger piece… both great ideas.

  • Shirley

    Great idea for odd cof­fee cups! Just be sure and wear gloves and safety gog­gles while drilling hole!

  • Jenny and Jimbob

    What a great idea! Per­fect for Earth day