Coffee Cup Planter

Apr 22, 2011

Here is another project dad and I made while he and mom were up to visit. Using the Dremel we drilled a hole in the lower side of the coffee cup so water could drain, then I placed a few rocks in the bottom of the coffee cup, some dirt and my plant. Once it grows a bit more I’ll place it in a larger container like an old spice tin or something. Of course making sure to use my handy dandy Dremel to drill holes in the bottom of the tin. But until then it will sit in my kitchen window basking in the morning sun.

Have a great weekend.

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  • Bec Miller on Facebook

    Gorgeous idea!! Might have to try this!

  • Laura Morgan Vigliarolo on Facebook

    I really need to dig MY dremel out of the bottom of Jon’s tool box

  • Laura Morgan Vigliarolo on Facebook

    I can see herbs planted on my kitchen window sill

  • Laura Slingerland Casey on Facebook

    Ohhh…Perfect for herbs !!!!!! Thanks !!

  • Darlene Nahre on Facebook

    Lisa, you can also drill threw a saucer and take a metal rod from home depot with thredded end and put together with a screw-saucer and cup-You now have a little bird bath for your flower garden outside!! just stick the rod into ground HAPPY CREATING

  • Darlene Nahre on Facebook


  • Lisa M. Pace on Facebook

    Hey but a bird bath would work too with a bigger piece… both great ideas.

  • Shirley

    Great idea for odd coffee cups! Just be sure and wear gloves and safety goggles while drilling hole!

  • Jenny and Jimbob

    What a great idea! Perfect for Earth day