Techniques, Food and Props…

Mar 30, 2011

Today, we were one tech­nique short of com­plet­ing all the tech­niques for Chap­ter three but it was anoth­er great day in the stu­dio. Here is a pho­to of just a few of the prod­ucts I used today.

Jen­ni took me and Chris­tine to Sky­line Chili for lunch. Let me just tell ya this chili is noth­ing like what I’ve ever had in Texas. I had a 3‑Way which is spaghet­ti on the bot­tom then chili topped with shred­ded cheese. And when you take a bite you need to pop 1 or 2 oys­ter crack­ers in your mouth. I know it sounds crazy but it is so good. Then once you fin­ish you place the remain­ing oys­ter crack­ers in the chili so they can soak up all the liq­uid and eat away. YUMMY is all i can say!

And it was the per­fect day for chili too… as we left the stu­dio it was sleet­ing and snow­ing. Crazy weath­er up here for sure. I have a feel­ing the poor robins I’ve seen these past few days are very con­fused.

When we got back from lunch I decid­ed to take some pho­tos for you of all the props they have around the stu­dio… there are props, props and more props. Pret­ty much where ever you turn you see props. It’s so fun to see how they cre­ate lit­tle rooms with all the tables, chairs and oth­er good­ies to pho­to­graph projects cre­at­ed by artists. It real­ly does take a vil­lage to cre­ate a book. You can­not do this alone. Each book has an Edi­tor, a Design­er, a Pro­duc­tion Coor­di­na­tor, Pho­tog­ra­phers and a Styl­ist. Then you have the Mar­ket­ing and Sales Teams that help keep your book in stores. It is amaz­ing how much work goes into one.

Tomor­row, we should fin­ish Chap­ter four and then it’s prep time for a few videos of some tech­niques. YIKES!

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