Paying it forward

Mar 21, 2011

A while back I talked about pay­ing it for­ward on face­book and stat­ed if any­one want­ed help in sub­mit­ting I would glad­ly help them as I feel it’s my duty to pay it for­ward. I cer­tain­ly did not get where I am today in this indus­try with­out a lit­tle help and guid­ance from oth­ers along the way. I must say it does amaze me as to how many peo­ple will not help oth­ers advance. I’m not sure if it’s inse­cu­ri­ties on their part and feel the per­son might be bet­ter than them or just flat out not car­ing or want­i­ng to take the time to help oth­ers. This indus­try cer­tain­ly has room for more cre­ative peo­ple. New peo­ple keep things fresh and excit­ing and I love to see fresh and excit­ing cre­ations.

So I have to tell you about a lit­tle con­ver­sa­tion I had last week. I had the plea­sure of talk­ing to a very excit­ed scrap­per who had just received an email that one of her lay­outs was picked up by Cre­at­ing Keep­sakes. Hear­ing the excite­ment in her voice was worth mil­lions. There is noth­ing sweet­er than talk­ing to some­one who is so hap­py about obtain­ing a goal. I do believe she has been bit­ten by the sub­mis­sions bug and will be sub­mit­ting quite a bit from here on out.

All this sub­mis­sions talk makes me so excit­ed for Paper Cow­girl in June; as I will be the “Guest Speak­er” and hope to help those who want to break into the pub­lish­ing world obtain their goal. I’ve been work­ing hard on gath­er­ing infor­ma­tion to help with sub­mis­sions and writ­ing my “Artist to Author” talk. This is going to be such a fun evening. And I’m hap­py to say, so far my pay it for­ward has helped one per­son obtain a book con­tract and two have had items picked up for pub­li­ca­tion. I am tru­ly so hap­py for them and hope I can add to this list in help­ing oth­ers obtain their goal.

If you want to sub­mit items for pub­li­ca­tion I think the biggest things to remem­ber are

  1. Believe in your­self
  2. Remain true to your style
  3. Don’t fear the edi­tors
  4. And nev­er ever take not get­ting an item picked up per­son­al­ly

If you’re think­ing about sub­mit­ting lay­outs, cards or projects take the leap and go for it. This real­ly is a fun indus­try to work in.

And as you can see I am still mak­ing bird nests. I think my favorite look is com­bin­ing brown paper bag and book page strips. These would also be cute made from all the junk mail you get. I know I get enough each day to make sev­er­al nests.


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