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Mar 18, 2011

Do you Pin­ter­est? I sure do. My good­ness this site can suck hours out of your day before it even starts. But I have to tell you it has so many won­der­ful DIY projects I can hard­ly stand it so if you don’t you need to check it out. The oth­er day while I was “research­ing” as I call it, I came across this super cute Birds Nest Tuto­r­i­al using paper mache and shred­ded brown lunch bags or dic­tio­nary pages. Yes­ter­day, I could not take it any longer and had to make one although, I made mine small­er they they did in Coun­try Liv­ing. So I pulled out our paper shred­der and two brown paper lunch bags and got to busi­ness.

Sup­plies Used: Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage Mat­te, Water, Shred­ded lunch bags, foil, plas­tic wrap, bowl for mix­ing, small glad stor­age bowl

  • Cov­er a small bowl with plas­tic wrap, then turn the bowl upside down on foil. I used the non-stick kind.
  • In a larg­er bowl, mix equal parts of water and col­lage pauge.
  • Dip a hand­ful of the shred­ded lunch bag into the paper mache mix­ture, then place them on the bowl until it’s com­plete­ly cov­ered.

  • Now press dry shred­ded lunch bag pieces on top of the wet piece to get that “messy bird nest twig” kin­da look.
  • Let the shred­ded papers dry for overnight, then care­ful­ly pull the plas­tic wrap off the bowl and from the cen­ter of the nest.

The lit­tle bit of white that you see inside is some of the glue mix­ture that needs to air dry. It was up against the plas­tic wrap. I’ll be mak­ing sev­er­al of these in dif­fer­ent sizes as they are just so cute I must have more. I can­not wait to fill this one… the hard­est part is going to be fig­ur­ing out what to fill it with.

And I have the best blog read­ers. Riet from the Nether­lands sent me an email yes­ter­day, let­ting me know the hous­es from this post are sou­venirs from Hol­land. They are used for salt and pep­per. The blue and white is a very old way of paint­ing porce­lain, called delfts blauw (blue). Delft is the city in the Nether­lands where this spe­cial paint­ing is still done. Very old pieces of Delft­ware is worth a lot and col­lec­tors will pay thou­sands of euro’s for just one plate.  I would love to vis­it Delft Pot­tery some­day and hope my mom is with me… we could spend hours look­ing at glass­ware and pot­tery. Thanks Riet for the info! You can read the com­ments area of the post for more info. Deb­bie Blanken also helped with some info. Like I said I have the best blog read­ers.

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