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Mar 8, 2011

If you are com­ing here from Francine Clouden’s blog glad you’re here! If not, make sure you check out all those par­tic­i­pat­ing in this months blog bounce as it is so fun to see how every­one inter­pret­ed the theme “Favorite Treat”. And since spring is just around the cor­ner I thought I would share with you one of our fam­i­lies favorite spring treats.

I’ve been mak­ing these “Bird Nest” cup­cakes since I was a lit­tle girl with my Mom. To me it just does not seem like spring if I don’t make them. I’ve made these with my girls each East­er and will most like­ly make them every East­er even when the girls no longer live at home. They are just a part of my child­hood I like to reflect on each year. Below is a lay­out I cre­at­ed to doc­u­ment this sweet tra­di­tion.

All it takes is a batch of cooked cup­cakes, white icing, green food col­or­ing, a small bag of shred­ded coconut and a bag of jel­ly beans.

  • Place the icing in a bowl and mix with green food col­or­ing until you get the col­or you want.

  • Next add green food col­or­ing to about half a small bag of shred­ded coconut and mix until you achieve the desired green.

  • Apply the green icing to the top of each cup­cake
  • Apply the green coconut on top of the icing
  • Add 3 jel­ly beans to the cen­ter of the coconut for the eggs

  • Now enjoy!

Now bounce on over to Michelle Cole­man’s blog to see how she inter­pret­ed this months theme “Favorite Treat”. Just click on the badge below. Also, I want to apol­o­gize for my lack of blog­ging. My com­put­er is dead­er than dead. Alan is hav­ing to put in a new hard dri­ve. Wish him luck. Hope­ful­ly, I will be up and run­ning full force again soon. I miss my blog friends ter­ri­bly.

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