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Mar 17, 2011

Oh how I love to see my glitter inside these salt shakers and sugar dispenser BUT when I was in Frisco Resale not too long ago I found these adorable ceramic houses. They were only .50 a piece and were screaming TAKE ME HOME with YOU! I had to figure out what I was going to do with them as believe me I have enough little pretties here and there around the house and I do NOT need anymore. Well I was looking at the chimney on both houses and instantly thought they would be perfect for pouring and then BAM new glitter containers came to mind. Honestly, they are perfect and look so cute sitting on my shelf in my scraproom. I took these photos in our living room to get some much needed extra light as it is way cloudy here today. But they will sit in my scraproom happily on a shelf waiting for me to use them.

I plan on filling both of them with crystal coarse glitter then I don’t have to worry about picking up the wrong glitter and pouring away. I could label the back of each house but I would rather just grab and pour. Then once I’m finished with the glitter all I have to do is form a funnel with the paper I place the piece to be glittered on and the glitter goes easily back into the house.

I could so live in a house just like either one of these… to, to cute.

Aren’t these just so cute. If anyone knows what they are supposed to be used for or where they came from I would love to know. Now run to a thrift store near you and try to find some unique glitter containers and make sure you share your finds with me. I would love to see.

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  • Very good use for those cute houses. I also like your jars filled with glitter.

  • Debbie Blanken

    Lisa, these are small canal houses made by Deflt Blue. These are big collectables for the Dutch people. My husband’s family is from Holland and he still has family there. We have quite a few pieces of the Deflt Blue pottery. As far as I know the canal houses were collected in sets – most of the houses in Holland are on canals and look similar to the small houses shown. If you ever find Deflt Blue products at resale shops they are great collectables, pretty expensive to buy sometimes. There is a Holland Michigan – where they have a store in the US where you can buy their pieces. The canalhouses come in small and large. My husband said there was not really a purpose for them except to display in their homes – or his mother or aunt from Holland never kept anything in them. Hope this helped some. Alot of the Dairymen where we live in Dublin, TX have lots of this pottery too.

  • Hi, my name is Riet, and I live in the Netherlands (Holland)

    The answer to your question is, that they are souvenirs from the Netherlands (Holland).
    They are made for pepper and salt.
    Here is a link where they are for sail.

    The blue and white is a very old way of painting porcelain, cold delfts blauw (blue).
    Delft is the city in the Netherlands where this special painting still is done.
    On very old pieces of porcelain it is worth a lot of money.
    And collectors will pay thousands of euro’s for just one plate or item.
    But your two piece pepper and salt is just made for the tourists.
    Debbie is rite, it are canal houses from Amsterdam, our capitol city.
    But there are not a lot of people that live in these houses.
    Most of us live in regulair houses in subburbs, just like you.
    The canal houses are monuments from our past, and we take good care of them, so we can save them as our history.
    Enjoy your pretty Delfts blue pieces, and have fun with them.

    Regards, Riet (harikini)

  • These are really cute and I also use vintage salt shakers for glitter.
    If you would like to see how I “bling” up my fairy dust/glitter shakers, stop by here:


  • Becky Garling

    omgosh, LOVE those! I hear the flea markets are the best in TX & CA.
    MUST visit when I win the lottery. Last time I traveled to another city to go to flea markets, we had to rent a trailer to bring home. I love furniture! LOL

  • Shahrazad

    These are ornaments that are given away on KLM flights when travelling on first and business class… if travelling from a country that doesn’t consume alcohol, the bottles would be empty but if travelling from other countries they would be filled with some sort of drink… I have 10 – 12 of these houses and they are cute …