Paper Mosaic

Feb 24, 2011

This mini album is featured in my book on page 48. They didn’t show the cover so I thought I would share it with you now since Spring is just around the corner. The step outs on page 49 show you how to recreate a paper mosaic that looks like broken pieces of china. This is certainly another project of mine that is filled with dimensional objects. I guess I visualize in 3-D as nothing looks finished until items are popping off the project.

I find how people create and visualize very interesting. My dad carves incredible objects out of wood. He can carve just about anything you request including wildlife and people as well as loads of other things. What I find fascinating is he cannot even begin to draw a 3 circled cat. My mom paints (oils, acrylics and watercolor) gorgeous pieces of art which is flat on the canvas but she makes it dimensional with shading. It amazes me how she adds all the shading and such and makes a flat object look 3 dimensional.

So my question to you is, “How do you visualize your creations?”  I would love to know.

As you can see this album does not close but I am certainly ok with that…

This page “Welcome To My Garden” is to resemble a stepping stone. Most gardens are not complete without a whimsical mosaic stepping stone. I LOVE those.

This page is to resemble what you would see walking by a house with a white picket fence and flowers blooming all around. And of course butterflies would be fluttering from bloom to bloom. There is a cute chipboard birdhouse way inside near the binder rings peeking out. The mosaic page is to resemble a stepping stone with morning dew drops here and there.

This album took me forever to complete but it was so worth it in the end as I filled it with photos of my favorite garden flowers I’ve had bloom over the years. Just wish I could get them to bloom all at once in the same year… gotta get better at my gardening skills.

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  • gorgeous..I love the cover.

  • This is really nice, Lisa.

  • I love doing the mosaic look with paper. It turned out beautiful Lisa……every page?! Gorgeous!

  • Lisa E

    I picture your work as nothing but dimension…mine however…very flat! LOL! I need your mom to teach me shading…I have a mental block when it comes to that! I’ve always loved that book – the mosaic is awesome!

  • Aunt Brenda

    Lisa, love this album. I see flat, but I get the color thing! Aunt Helen and Pauline always called me their “color consultant!” I can visualize my quilts as finished products, even when the blocks are full of color and the pieces are scattered all over the prep board.

  • nancy thompson

    Hi Lisa,
    I just love this pretty garden album… it inspires me to put together one of my own……….I always love your creations!

    …I think I tend to visualize my projects first by color…then texture, and most of all by the sentiment I want to convey. I love everything vintage and “pretty”. Wish -wish-wish- I could take one of your classes….please come to Illinois!

  • Always inspiring…the art you create.