I love dimensional layouts…

Feb 23, 2011

First I got­ta tell ya… reg­is­tra­tion for Paper Cow­girl OPENS today at 9:00 a.m. cen­tral time.… go here to reg­is­ter and sign up for class­es. I hope to see ya there. Oh and one lit­tle bit of infor­ma­tion I left out regard­ing my project are the dimen­sions… the shad­ow box mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 7.5″ square by 1″ deep.

I will also have my book avail­able for pre-sale at the dis­count­ed rate of $17.99 + tax for those attend­ing Paper Cow­girl. All books must be picked up at Paper Cow­girl. I will have a few avail­able for pur­chase dur­ing my book sign­ing but they will be at my reg­u­lar cost of $22.99 + tax. I will let you know when I have the spe­cial link up and ready.

Okay now on to why I love dimen­sion­al lay­outs…

One of the rea­sons my lay­outs are not in albums and stored in box­es is because I make them so thick. I’ve tried not to add so much stuff but just can’t do it… they nev­er seem fin­ished to me until every last bit is filled. My friend Lisa E. calls my pages “Where’s Wal­do… kin­da pages.” She seems to think it’s all about the pho­to… I think it’s all about the stuff to accent the pho­to and tell the sto­ry. We are so much the same yet so very dif­fer­ent in style. She prefers sim­ple lay­outs, I like to add every­thing but the kitchen sink… she likes 1950 kitchen items, I like old blow the dust off the top old… we are not even going to talk about how she feels about me tear­ing up old books for projects… I could go on and on with our “sim­i­lar dif­fer­ences” as I call it but we have been great friends for over 10 years and she gets me which says A LOT!

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite lay­outs in my book “Delight in the Details” This one was so fun to cre­ate. I want­ed a fairy tale feel and think the whim­si­cal house, pat­terned paper hills and rolling jour­nal­ing helped me achieve just that.

The jour­nal­ing says, “In a land far far away lived 2 sis­ters whose moth­er loved them very much.”

I think the house came out real­ly cute and whim­si­cal. The book page flower tuto­r­i­al is on page 111. The back stitch tuto­r­i­al can be found on page 88.

The clouds are actu­al­ly chip­board tree parts… I thought they worked per­fect­ly as clouds. And I love the look of the tree trunks all glit­tered up. My glit­ter tuto­r­i­al is on page 21.

And I must say I love how the door opens to show the pho­to of the girls stand­ing inside… I can’t believe Ans­ley will be turn­ing 17 years old in a few days. Yikes!

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