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Feb 22, 2011

While I was on Pinterest looking at all the wonderful photos posted I came across this super cute project. I thought it was such an awesome idea and knew I had to make one.

When my grandfather passed away mom and dad brought me back a cup and saucer they found in one of Grampa’s cabinets. The painted blueberries reminded mom of when we went blueberry picking one morning while we were visiting, this past summer.

Well I decided I would use this cup and saucer to make my little notions holder and it was super easy.

All you need to do is attach some small magnets to the bottom of the saucer using E6000 as directed on their package. Once the magnets were attached I attached the tea cup to the saucer using E6000 as well. I set a book on top of the tea cup over night allowing the adhesive to dry and the next morning my notions holder was ready for use.

I placed embroidery floss, sewing needles and buttons in the tea cup as well as some straight pins onto the saucer that are kept in place with the magnets. Now, I have everything at an arms reach. I love how it looks sitting on the shelf in my scraproom and reminds me of Grampa and the fun Mom and I had picking blueberries each time I see it.

I think Grampa would be pleased that I re-purposed his tea cup and saucer in this manner.

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  • What a wonderful way to hold your pins and your memories!! Brilliant!

  • Very good idea! I love anything that connects us to our past.

  • I wondered what the magnets were for.
    genius idea & so cute too.

  • Madelyn Butts

    I love how you used something so special in such a practical way. Never would have thought of the magnets. Glueing the cup to the saucer is brilliant. Thanks for the great idea.

  • Jan

    Greetings Lisa,

    How darling! Love it… I have 3 small taupe plates from my GrammieBaby..that’s what I called her ..because she called me JannieBaby.. Anyways, I got them from my Mom and have them in my studio with pretty little goodies on them too! Gosh, Grammie and I used to pick blueberries on my Aunts farm in Pennsylvania, being there with Grams are some of my most precious childhood memories! The pies were great too!

    Beautiful piece and I love the house as well… I little wonderland!


  • cookievf

    Hi Lisa ~
    Found your website today as I’ve been SO inspired since I purchased your book, “Delight In The Details!” I love everything vintage, have many family heirlooms and I’ve been thinking alot about how to incorporate “vessels” from my collections into my art room, since i saw your studio pics. This is another SUPER SWEET idea. Thank you for being such an ispiration with your beautiful designs!
    A new fan,
    – vicki xo