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Jan 23, 2011

I was asked to cre­ate a can­vas for Ranger’s design­er wall at CHA. Well the prod­uct we had to high­light was their Per­fect Pearl Mists and their new Per­fect Pearls colors.You are going to LOVE these. Check out Suze Wein­berg’s blog to see the new col­ors and a few sneak peeks of her can­vas… I can­not wait to see it in per­son.

It was fun to cre­ate what ever I want­ed with the only require­ments being it had to be my style and I had to use the prod­ucts sent my way. I used WAY MORE Ranger prod­ucts on my can­vas than what was required but one tech­nique seemed to lead to anoth­er which meant using anoth­er prod­uct and so on…

I think the Rock Can­dy Crack­le Paint looks AWESOME on the frame… I love the chip­py feel you get when it dries. I near­ly used an entire bot­tle on my frame. I just kept adding lay­ers and lay­ers of it here and there. And the Cheese cloth you see on the can­vas is held down by apply­ing BeesWax, brushed with Per­fect Pearls and heat­ed once again… oh it is gor­geous and you have GOT TO TRY it if you haven’t.

And look at this rose made using Tim’s Tat­tered Flo­rals die and old book pages… I love how the Per­fect Pearls mixed with Per­fect Pearl Mists looks on paper ros­es. Just gor­geous! Then top­ping them off with crys­tal coarse glit­ter and Plat­inum Stick­les sends them over the top. The hard­est part though was send­ing this beau­ty off as I will not get it back. I think they found fin­ger­nail marks in the side of my box because I had my nails dug in deep as the Fed Ex man took it from me… oh it was hard to let this go.

Here is a list of all the Ranger Prod­ucts I used… I was not kid­ding when I said I used a lot.

Per­fect Pearls Mists
• Per­fect Pearl
• Heir­loom Gold
• Sun­flower Sparkle
• Inter­fer­ence Red
• Turquoise

Dis­tress Ink
• Spun Sug­ar
• Tea Dye
• Vin­tage Pho­to

Archival Ink
• Sepia

Adiron­dack Acrylic Paint Dab­ber
• Shell Pink
• Gold

Clau­dine Hell­muth Stu­dio Acrylic Paints
• Blank Can­vas
• Tra­di­tion­al Tan

• Dia­mond
• Plat­inum
• Ici­cles

Dis­tress Crack­le Paint
• Rock Can­dy

Per­fect Pearls
• Pink Gum­ball
• Bis­cot­ti
• Per­fect Bronze
• Turquoise
• Per­fect Gold
• Blush


Tim Holtz Alter­ations – Tat­tered Flo­rals

And yes… I need a seri­ous inter­ven­tion with the UTEE… I tell ya I can­not stop think­ing about ALL the pos­si­bil­i­ties using this crazy stuff. Yes­ter­day, I promised a sweet friend I was NOT going to heat up my melt­ing pot. Because well… I have a mil­lion oth­er things I need to be doing to get ready for CHA. But it seems I lied because last night I made these and think they are so CUTE. I believe she will for­give me if I give her one.

And I made anoth­er cuff using more of the new Maya Road trims… gosh they are nice and per­fect for flower mak­ing.

Hope you are inspired to play today… make a mess… it’s so fun!

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