Today’s Reality…

Jan 18, 2011

Remember my nice made over scraproom way back in August… well this is the reality of it today. Lots of fun things are being created  in here for my book and for CHA. The boxes shown hold product from book sponsors, new release items and my favorite go to products. The everyday reality of this room stays pretty  much like this… just gonna keep it real for you all. I can’t be someone I’m not. So I won’t even try to tell you my room is super clean and tidy all the time. And that I put everything up as soon as I’m finished using it… nope not even gonna go there. What I do love about these photos is everything I love to work with is right there, in it’s box, close at reach and that makes me happy.

So don’t be stressed if everything in your scraproom isn’t in it’s proper place and perfectly staged. What fun is that… really? Today, I hope you create, have fun and make a mess. I am.

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  • Lol…..Story of my life! This is exactly what I’m dealing with right now!!

  • Glad we are all in the same way!
    I feel pretty creative even in the ruble!

  • Marsha

    Thanks for the permission, Lisa……not that I need it……mine is such a mess. I have this thing on my fridge that a friend gave me 30 years ago……dull women have immaculate homes…..I’m far from dull, and being creative = undull !! that’s my take on it anyway!

  • Mine looks just the same …I am a messy creative person..just clean it up when it is so bad I can’t find anything!But I love your space ..

  • Have fun! :) I am in my messy room today too.

  • Jennifer Boehme

    Wow! That place is a mess! I will come over and help you clean it up this weekend. Hee Hee!

  • nancy thompson

    Thanks Lisa…I needed that. I love my craft room…and sometimes even try to keep it neat! But most often….mine looks like yours. I get so excited doing a project and love my stash of goodies….vary rarely is it all put away!

  • Christine Edwards

    Yes! Thank you! My room is a disaster and has been since I moved everything down to the basement last summer. I really want it neat and organized, but it’s extremely slow going. I am so glad you posted pictures of a “real” workspace, since all you usually see are the gorgeously styled spaces on Where Women Create. ;-)

    • Christine… I am always going to keep it real you can count on that…

  • I love your “beautiful mess” Lisa! Looks a lot like my office/craft area right now! Thanks for being real. Creativity is messy, and anyone who tells us differently isn’t really having fun! :)

  • Julie

    Reality -lololol! Love it!

  • laura

    It is still sooo much cleaner than mine……LOL but am so glad to see yours in such a mess.