Set Up Day…

Jan 28, 2011

Set­ting up the booth begins. Yep, all these crates con­tain the prod­uct you want and pur­chase. But before the store own­ers can get the CHA‑W release prod­ucts into their stores set­ting up the booth and get­ting all the prod­ucts and show sam­ples up for dis­play must be done. This is cer­tain­ly NOT the GLAMOROUS side of trade shows. But at least Car­o­line makes it as fun as pos­si­ble. Sarah and Lau­ra find the humor in lots of things dur­ing the process and make you laugh but David well… he is like a grumpy old man.

The open­ing up of the crates… let the mad­ness begin.

David a.k.a Mr. Grumpy pants, Car­o­line and Lau­ra. We just fin­ished putting down the floor and are now get­ting ready to put up the walls.

Walls are up and now the prod­ucts start fill­ing the booth… oh my good­ness just wait until you see all the won­der­ful new prod­ucts. I am in love with so many and actu­al­ly think this is the best release ever. Although Car­o­line remind­ed me that I say this every CHA… but hon­est­ly, I real­ly do think this is their best release.

All their won­der­ful Maya Mists. Love the new bot­tle size too. Such a won­der­ful rain­bow of sol­id and metal­lic col­ors.

After we fin­ished get­ting the prod­uct up we went to eat at Tofu Vil­lage and yes once again Sarah and I man­aged to have an expe­ri­ence that made us laugh so hard. It was not bad tast­ing like the Japan­ese Tea the day before but my good­ness it was a fun­ny one.

So Sarah and I decid­ed we did not feel all that adven­tur­ous in the food depart­ment. The Japan­ese Tea was still too fresh in our minds. So while every­one else cooked their own food includ­ing cow tongue we decid­ed we would have ours brought out already cooked. So she ordered Spicy Bar B Que Pork and I ordered Spicy Bar B Que Chick­en. We asked the wait­er, “Just how spicy is spicy?” He told us it was man­age­able… well that answer did kind of con­cern us but the thought of cow tongue con­cerned us more so we told him to bring it on and make sure we have plen­ty of water to drink. Well let me just say his idea of man­age­able spicy is drink­ing 5 glass­es of water before you’re even halfway fin­ish with your meal, wip­ing your nose because the man­age­able spicy is mak­ing it run and sweat­ing like you just fin­ished a 5k (not that either of us knows what that is like at the moment but you get the pic­ture)! If this is man­age­able spicy “Spicy” would put me in the ER. We mixed the meat with rice hop­ing that would calm the spicy down a bit which it did but it was STILL HOT HOT HOT. It’s always an adven­ture when you trav­el with Car­o­line.

So today we fin­ish putting up all the prod­ucts and then dis­play all the won­der­ful projects the design team cre­at­ed. You all are going to be so wowed when you see them. They real­ly out did it this show.

Tonight, I will do my best to post pho­tos of the booth com­plet­ed and high­light some of my favorite prod­ucts and projects. Until then make some­thing with Maya Road and UTEE. They are a great craft­ing com­bi­na­tion.

Have a great day!

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