Simple Father Christmas Charm

Dec 10, 2010

This has to be the sim­plest charm I have ever cre­at­ed. Red Lead Paper­Works sent this charm to me a while back, as in last year some­time. It was a sur­prise added in with some good­ies I had pur­chased. Well I have been hold­ing on to it wait­ing for time to just play. Last night, was final­ly that time and talk about fun and fast. This took me from start to fin­ish (exclud­ing dry­ing time) 5 min­utes to make. I think it will be cute as a dec­o­ra­tive accent on a gift then the recip­i­ent can place it on a bracelet or neck­lace to enjoy.

Sup­plies Used: Charm from Red Lead Paper­works Cir­cle, Oval, Vin­tage Image from Lau­ra’s Gar­den, Self Adhe­sive 2mm Cream Pearls, 2 — Jump Rings, 3 — 6mm Gold Jin­gle Bells, Ici­cle Stick­les, Fine Sil­ver Ger­man Glass Glit­ter, Dia­mond Glaze, Tape Run­ner

Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors, Pli­ers


  • Trim image to fit the inside of your charm.
  • Accent areas on your image using Ici­cle Stick­les, let dry.
  • Apply Tape Run­ner adhe­sive on to the inside area of the charm, attach image.
  • Apply 2mm Self Adhe­sive Pearls around inside edge of charm as shown above.
  • Apply Dia­mond Glaze on top of image and to the edge of the Self Adhe­sive Pearls. Note: Keep a straight pin handy to bub­bles if you get any.
  • Light­ly sprin­kle Fine Sil­ver Ger­man Glass Glit­ter on to the wet Dia­mond Glaze, let dry.
  • Once the Dia­mond Glaze is dry, attach one jump ring to the hole at the top of your charm that has 3 — 6mm Gold Jin­gle Bells attached to it and anoth­er jump ring that you will use to attach your charm to a bracelet or neck­lace.

That is it… told ya it was sim­ple.

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