Paper Medallions…

Dec 7, 2010

Well since yesterday, I showed you my favorite Crepe Paper and Glitter artist, today, I decided to show you my favorite Paper Medallion Artist… who just so happens to love Crepe Paper too. Gosh how fun would it be to sit at a table with these two and create… I would LOVE that! Maybe someday… here is to wishing!

Saturday, while co-teaching the snow globe project with Trisha, Ann-Denise Anderson of Whim & Fancy Designs was teaching in the next room. I’ve loved her work for such a long time. Ann-Denise has been featured in several issues of Somerset magazine and since the moment I laid eyes on her work I’ve hoped to meet her. Our paths just never seemed to cross at the same time so you can imagine my excitement when I found out she and I were teaching at The Crafty Scrapper the very same day. All I can say is oh my goodness is her “Nutcracker Suit Paper Medallion” class incredible.

Her class ended as mine and Trisha’s was breaking for lunch so I ran over to meet her and see all the finished projects created by her students. I was speechless… they were all so unique and GORGEOUS. If you ever have the chance to take a Paper Medallion class you want to make sure and take it from Ann-Denise as she is the original creator of this gorgeous art piece. During her class she taught her students paper manipulation techniques and inspired them to use bits and pieces of broken glass as well as tattering and smoldering tulle & lace. She even provided extra goodies to add to their project. As you can see by the photos below Ann-Denise is truly an awesome instructor. Just look at what her students created.

Ann-Denise is right when she says, you will want to make dozens of these to display throughout your home! I sure do. Her creations are certain to add elegance and beauty to your home this Holiday Season!

I know The Crafty Scrapper has a few kits left for sale if you would like to make one of her Original Paper Medallions. I certainly grabbed my kit. There were going to be some serious tears shed if I didn’t get one. Each kit comes packaged in an adorable box and includes step by step instructions and all the wonderful goodies needed to create your very own Ann-Denise Original Paper Medallion.

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  • Lisa……You are too kind and so sweet! Thank you and so glad you got your kit!!! I hope to see you again soon!! Happy Holidays and get that tree up!!

  • Kitty

    What LOAD of sh*t!!! If you think you created the cone or *aka* medallion your a fruitcake

    • Kitty…. Really? Is that necessary?

    • Not really sure what it is you’re (notice I typed you’re as in you are and not your) talking about Kitty (which I am pretty certain is not your real name but I will play along with the game, it’s great having a husband in the technical field, he figures all sorts of stuff out for me) since my post does not mention anything about me being the original creator of the Paper Medallion. T’is the season for fruitcake for sure.

    • kitty

      Please forgive my mean spirited words. I have no excuse for the behavior. I have no dog in the fight of paper medallions. I was wrong.

  • Lisa E

    Oh Kitty…tisk tisk tisk…something tells me you are guilty of something bad. I predict a stocking full of coal for you this Christmas!

  • Not Kitty’s friend

    Wow! I do not understand the anger in this. Ann Denise sent in a project to Sommerset Holiday a long time ago and is published 4 times including this medalion. She did a make and take in April and was a medallion not as intricate. Although there is no “patent” on art projects she was the first one to create “this” medallion! After Sommerset I saw someone want to give a class with the same style and picture in the middle and I laughed. I am not an artist just like to learn and be amoung fun women that love the same things and are happy. I think for your self respect when you copy really really close you should write: “This project was inspired by….” Apearently this has happened to alot of artists lately. It is a pretty project. And there is no need to be nasty or childish. Nothing is “hidden” in the computer world and be happy and enjoy your family and the season! Lisa fruitcake is chic now! lol Love your work and blog.

  • JenniferB

    WOW! I am amazed at people’s behavior when they can hide behind a computer and keyboard! Love ya Lisa….you handled this so well!