Oh my STARS…

Dec 6, 2010

While surf­ing the net the oth­er day I came upon this gor­geous tree cre­at­ed by Karen Aguirre at Cre­ative Chaos. Need­less to say my jaw dropped as you all know how I love CREPE PAPER and GLITTER!!! Karen’s trees are so incred­i­bly adorable. What I should be doing is work­ing on book projects but NO some­one had to make an incred­i­ble piece of art and then felt the need to share her cre­ativ­i­ty with every­one, so now all I can think about mak­ing are these won­der­ful Crepe Paper Christ­mas Trees. Talk about the enabler. But all kid­ding aside I think her trees are absolute per­fec­tion and how could they not when cre­at­ed with crepe paper ruf­fles, glit­ter and tin­sel then accent­ed using glit­tery berries, a star and the sweet­est ban­ner. I could fill our man­tel and every nook and cran­ny of our house with these but real­is­ti­cal­ly I will just drool and enjoy in the thought of all of you mak­ing them as I have got to get to crackin on book projects, once again. Stay­ing ahead is way bet­ter than try­ing to play catch up when the dread­ed dead­lines approach.

And since I thought you all need­ed to know about Karen’s gor­geous Christ­mas trees you might as well know this too…  she also has an etsy store called “Icing On The Cake” that just so hap­pens to be filled with won­der­ful items like these…

Vin­tage Wall­pa­per Jour­nals

Inspi­ra­tion Kits

and Spark­ly Ear­rings plus so much more…
I think any of Karen’s beau­ti­ful cre­ations will make awe­some Christ­mas gifts. So I guess this post kept the enabling ball rolling.

Hap­py Mon­day!

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