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Dec 5, 2010

Sat­ur­day, Trisha Con­lon and I got to spend the day with this won­der­ful group of artists at “The Crafty Scrap­per”. Each one cre­at­ed their very own snow globe.

I taught the paper part of the project which includ­ed alter­ing the base of the snow globe, build­ing the lit­tle house, cre­at­ing a crepe paper rosette and then of course sprin­kling every­thing with glit­ter and mica. It was so fun watch­ing every­one’s project come togeth­er.

Each lit­tle house was the same yet so dif­fer­ent as every­one used dif­fer­ent parts of their Melis­sa Frances pat­terned paper.

Once every­one fin­ished their sweet lit­tle house they then began to add every­thing to the altered base of the snow globe.

Once every­one go to this point we all took a break for lunch, which came from “The Dove’s Nest”, next door. I am tru­ly addict­ed to their Chick­en Apri­cot Sal­ad. I eat it every time I go to Wax­a­hachie.

After lunch it was then Trisha’s turn to teach. She taught the sol­der­ing part.

Fred­die picked up on the sol­der­ing super fast even with all the dis­trac­tions of his sweet friend Pris­sy. (seen in the pur­ple shirt) She was pop­ping off some true fun­nies while he was sol­der­ing. She kept every­one laugh­ing.

Once every­thing was sol­dered the hot glue gun came out. Fred­die pret­ty much put him­self in charge of help­ing every­one attach the feet of their snow globe, to which Pris­sy, once again, had us all laugh­ing with her hilar­i­ous com­ments. I tell ya it can’t be easy being the only male among this group of women.

I got pho­tos of all the snow globes but one… CAROLYN’S… yes, Car­olyn FINISHED a project. Although, she did have a lit­tle help from oth­ers and it was after every­one left but she man­aged to fin­ish it while doing an adorable make-n-take and help­ing cus­tomers in the store as well as mak­ing sure the kids in her com­mu­ni­ty got San­ta pho­tos after the morn­ing parade. That girl is a work­er bee.

Trisha and I left 2 kits for pur­chase at the store. If you would like one give The Crafty Scrap­per a call… 972.923.3151 they will even mail it to you.

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