A Christmas Mouse

Dec 22, 2010

Mom and I love all the little figurines of Christmas mice that can be seen during the holidays. My grandmother on the other hand could not STAND seeing anything which slightly resembled that of a mouse. I can remember once when I was very, very young being at my grandparent’s camp in Acton, Maine and gram running out of the camp screaming. It was years later I found out my mom had discovered a little mouse nest in one of the kitchen drawers that had a baby mouse sleeping inside. Well gram did not want anything to do with that and left in a dash. Poor gram. So in the spirit of all the adorable Christmas mice mom and I see during the holiday season I thought it would be fun to make one for her Christmas tree. I think my mouse looks as though he is in competition with Santa on the most cookies eaten as he does have the look of a super full tummy.

Supplies Used: Maya Road Circle Coaster Album (1 page), Maya Road Foundation Chipboard (2 ovals), Cream Felt, Brown & White Baker’s Twine, Red & White Baker’s Twine, Vintage Sheet Music, Book Page, Creamy Brown Ink, Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage – Glossy, Crystal Coarse Glitter, Holly, Pale Pink Seam Binding, 1 – Self Adhesive Red Gem, 2 – Rhinestones, Fabri-Tac, Glue Stick

Tools Needed: Scissors, Zigzag Scissors or Pinking Shears, Sanding Block, Paintbrush, Pencil


  • Trace one page of a circle coaster album onto cream felt.
  • Using Zigzag Scissors or Pinking Shears cut out the circle just outside the line. This way you will have a slight zigzag edge.
  • Remove the outer piece of the foundation piece, cover the outer areas of two oval foundation pieces using vintage sheet music, sand and ink the edges using creamy brown ink.
  • Cover the inner area of the two oval foundation pieces using a book page, sand and ink the edges using creamy brown ink.
  • Put the foundation pieces back together, using a paintbrush cover the entire oval foundation pieces with collage pauge instant decoupage then generously cover the two pieces with crystal coarse glitter, tap off excess, let dry.
  • Cut a piece of brown & white baker’s twine to 12″ in length, tie the ends together and loop through the hole of the album page at the top of the page. This will be the hanger for your ornament as well as the tail for the mouse.
  • Apply Fabri-Tac to the front of the circle chipboard album page, attack the round piece of cream felt.

  • Apply Fabri-Tac to the back of the oval foundation pieces and attach to the felt circle as shown in the photo.
  • Create a small bow out of pale pink seam binding and attach to the ears using Fabri-Tac.
  • Using Fabri-Tac attach a small piece of holly as shown in the photo.
  • Using Fabri-tac attach two small clear rhinestones to create the eyes.
  • Attach one self adhesive red gem to recreate the nose as shown in the photo.
  • Cut six pieces of brown & white baker’s twine to 2″ in length. Using Fabri-Tac attach 3 pieces on each side of the nose to recreate the whiskers as shown in the photo.
  • Cut one piece of red & white baker’s twine to 6″ in length, create a bow and attach to the base of the (hanger) tail as shown in the photo.

I want to thank you all for your comments of support as well as the loads of email you sent regarding my previous blog post. Please don’t get me wrong, this industry does have lots of fabulous people to work with and I have been so fortunate to work with many. But sadly there are some in this industry that aren’t ethical. I feel if we all stick together we can make a change for the better. I know 2011 is going to be the year we all help each other, keep each other informed and strive to see each of us be the best we can, not only as artists but as positive upbeat people. We can make a difference.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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@ 8:55 am
  • Eileen Velez

    Such a cute creation – but I have to side with your Grandma – I hate mice! My girlfriend sends me a card with a mouse on it every year because I hate them so much!!! LOL

    • LOL, Eileen that is just what happened to my grandmother. She was always sent something with a little mouse on it.

  • Sandra ltb

    Sandra ltb

  • Susan

    This little mouse is too cute and the kind of mouse I won’t mind seeing around my house. LOL! This will be a great project for the weekend. Thank you for the wonderful little project.

    Merry Christmas!

  • LOVE the little mouse!!! So adorable! I think 2011 is going to be a great year also! Who’s with me?!?!?

  • Cheyenne Renard

    What a beautiful Mouse Thank you so much for sharing this project. I hope you have a wonderful Chirstmas Season . I am so greatful for you in my life bah humbug to those people who have been mean to you and have done bad things to others they will def live in regret god does make sure you reap what you sow and it come around very fast just bless people like that because god gave you such a great tallent and did not give it to them haha love to you Blessings to you and yours XXXOOO Cheyenne of Henderson Nv love and love the mouse

  • Karen Dodson

    Your little Christmas Mouse is SO cute!!!

  • I adore the little mouse. My grandmother used to like them, and would send us handmade crafts always mice growing up. My mom isn’t a fan. ;) I wish I’d made this for Christmas this year. I might still so I will have it ready for next year. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of why I love handmade crafts. Happy New Year Lisa.