Super fun gift for both Dads and sons

Nov 26, 2010

I have got to tell you about this neat toy my broth­er-in-law Dou­glas has that I think will be a great sur­prise gift for all the men in your fam­i­ly.

Last year he thought these remote con­trolled heli­copters or the Phan­tom 6010 as he calls it were so cool he bought one for Alan. Let me tell you Alan was enter­tained for hours which I deeply appre­ci­at­ed and I am sure you would too.

Although, Buster our schnau­zer thought it was an alien com­ing down from out­er space try­ing to invade his ter­ri­to­ry, so he was set on see­ing it destroyed. I sug­gest if you have dogs in your house you might be a tad bit care­ful fly­ing this thing around them. If it ends up in their reach it will expe­ri­ence instant death.

Any­way a few months lat­er, Dou­glas and a friend import­ed these Phan­tom 6010 with Gyro to sell on Ama­zon. On their Ter­a­port web­site, you can watch it fly­ing around, read more about it, and about Dou­glas and his part­ner. And of course there’s a link at the bot­tom that brings you to the Ama­zon page. Or you can just click on any of the links I just pro­vid­ed.

I have to admit this lit­tle toy is pret­ty cool. If you have a kid that might like this kind of thing, I high­ly rec­om­mend his. The col­ors vary so it will be a sur­prise as to which col­or you get. But they all look super cool.

Oh, and what­ev­er you do, please do not buy sim­i­lar ones at the mall from those annoy­ing kiosks in the mid­dle of the walk­ing areas, you know the ones that always come up to you and say, can I ask you some­thing, can I show you some­thing… yad­da yad­da yad­da. They’ll sell you one that isn’t as good for $60 or more and most like­ly you can’t return.

The Phan­tom 6010 is only $35.00 with free ship­ping, and has Ama­zon’s super easy return pol­i­cy.

So there you have it my super fun San­ta gift sug­ges­tion for all the men in your fam­i­ly. And the great thing is you can pur­chase it in your warm cozy house with­out wait­ing in long lines or deal­ing with impa­tient peo­ple and it will be deliv­ered right to your front door. I love  shop­ping online.

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