Sep 23, 2010

Today most of us with Cocoa Daisy hung around the hotel get­ting ready for our make n takes for the evening. So in between prepa­ra­tions I took a cook­ing class that was avail­able and had such a won­der­ful time. I cer­tain­ly will be try­ing my best to make the dish­es we were shown. I also won­dered around the hotel and took pho­tos of areas that will bring back fun mem­o­ries.

The cook­ing class we took was a blast and I must say I am ready to start cook­ing greek food… it is won­der­ful!

I love all the white on white that you see here.

Anoth­er won­der­ful stair­way…

I am so in love with these shades and the view…

This is what I see as I am mak­ing blog posts… my sys­tem is cer­tain­ly going to go into shock when I get home…

and here is part of the group doing a lit­tle Greek danc­ing… so fun. Today we rode a fer­ry to Delos and saw the ruins. It was amaz­ing. I could have spent days there.

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