Sep 21, 2010

A group of us walked into town today to do a little shopping and eat lunch. It was windy and cooler today. The sun was bright and the water was gorgeous as usual. Here are a few photos from today’s excursion.

This is along the water as we got into town. The water is so cool and refreshing and CLEAR.

Lots of quaint family churches are on the island. They say most families have their own church next to their house. It is so pretty when you fly over the island as you see all their steeples.

Pathway in town… love all the pathways there are lots and it is very confusing. As I understand it they did it this way so that it would confuse the pirates when they came to the island.

Beautiful pathways and staircases are all over.

Lots of the shop owners bring their dogs to work with them. They are all so good and well behaved. They like to sit outside and people watch… which is ADORABLE.

Carvings like this one are found on doors and the backs of chairs.

Another pop of red… this statue is Kouros.

And my life is good at this moment… not sure what tomorrow will bring but I know whatever it is it will be fabulous as everything is fabulous in Mykonos.

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  • Santa

    Life is great in your part of the world !!! The pictures are so beautiful and I know you cannot wait to return to a Texas beach Ha Ha. Enjoy everything you
    can and then some.


  • This looks gorgeous! And so relaxing. Please post the name and/or link to your hotel. I’d love to stay there!

  • Seaside Angel

    Lisa, I just have to say that I’m positively green with envy. I mean that in a good way of course. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the Mediterranean, but I’ll probably never get there so the pictures you’re posting are almost like a dream come true. Thank you so much for sharing the sights of your trip with us!! And keep those awesome pictures coming.