Sep 21, 2010

A group of us walked into town today to do a lit­tle shop­ping and eat lunch. It was windy and cool­er today. The sun was bright and the water was gor­geous as usu­al. Here are a few pho­tos from today’s excur­sion.

This is along the water as we got into town. The water is so cool and refresh­ing and CLEAR.

Lots of quaint fam­i­ly church­es are on the island. They say most fam­i­lies have their own church next to their house. It is so pret­ty when you fly over the island as you see all their steeples.

Path­way in town… love all the path­ways there are lots and it is very con­fus­ing. As I under­stand it they did it this way so that it would con­fuse the pirates when they came to the island.

Beau­ti­ful path­ways and stair­cas­es are all over.

Lots of the shop own­ers bring their dogs to work with them. They are all so good and well behaved. They like to sit out­side and peo­ple watch… which is ADORABLE.

Carv­ings like this one are found on doors and the backs of chairs.

Anoth­er pop of red… this stat­ue is Kouros.

And my life is good at this moment… not sure what tomor­row will bring but I know what­ev­er it is it will be fab­u­lous as every­thing is fab­u­lous in Mykonos.

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