Sep 20, 2010

I hope your Mon­day was as great as mine… got up this morn­ing, ate some fab­u­lous Greek yogurt with pineap­ples, oats and hon­ey on top then topped it off with choco­late crepes. I am cer­tain­ly not starv­ing that is for sure. After break­fast I walked around the hotel and took some pho­tos… I love the door­ways  in Mykonos.

This is the door­way lead­ing from the lob­by to the patio.

Here is the door­way lead­ing out of the hotel.

What you see look­ing out the door. Today there were 7 cruise ships in view.

Love the shades they have in the win­dow and notice the pop of red.

The lob­by decor here makes me want to go to IKEA. And thank­ful­ly liv­ing in Frisco I have one just around the cor­ner. Tomor­row will be pret­ty much the same as today… I don’t teach my mini work­shop until Thurs­day and Fri­day so no scrap­py pho­tos until then. I might walk into town tomor­row if I do you will love the pho­tos the town is won­der­ful. Until then have a great day… I’m off to bed.

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