I am loving my life…

Sep 18, 2010

not one doubt about it… I arrived in Mykonos dead dog tired but I cannot think of a better place to be dead dog tired…

entrance to our hotel

lots of wonderful stairways like this, this one goes to our hotel room.

this is the view as we walk out of our room

ate lunch with everyone here this afternoon

and this is what we ate… it was SO GOOD!

Tonight we are heading to town for dinner… more fun and loads of laughs I’m sure. Tomorrow I will be a bit more chatty… tonight I’m doing good to know my own name. Have a great day… I sure am. Sorry for the early morning wake up call mom… but you know one is never too old to have to call her mom to say she arrived and is already having a blast. Hugs to all at home.

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  • Glad to hear from you no matter what time of day. Hope you have a great time ! Remember what I told you sleep when you get home . Keep the pictures coming. Love ya . Mom & Dad

  • Are you pinching yourself? It looks amazing, I can’t wait to hear more! :)

  • Remember that I told you not to go on this trip.
    Now you won’t be able to wish for the rest of your life you went.
    Aren’t you sorry you went now???

  • Aunt Brenda

    Big pictures are the best… almost seems like we could jump in the pool. Hate to be jealous of anyone or anything, but you are definately one up on me with this trip. Enjoy!!!

  • Fabulous, enjoy every colorful (and tasty) moment

  • WOW!!!! Looks amazing!

  • lisa, i so wish i was there. i would happily find someone to carry your luggage up those steps…………….greece – a place i would love to visit.
    take lots of pictures so i can live through you!

    did i email you about your book getting here from amazon? i can’t remember and if i didn’t i so need to – let me know:)

  • awesome photos.
    I hope you have the time of your life!
    enjoy my master!