Sep 25, 2010

A group of us went to lunch with Jenni Bowlin and I was one of them… certainly no surprise to you as it is no secret that I love and adore Jenni and her products. The restaurant Tricia took us to was a really sweet restaurant that was seaside. The view was awesome.

the colorful flags were so pretty as we walked into the restaurant

their menu felt just like a book… I had to keep reminding me with what Ali says… we do not steal or borrow we gather…. I so wanted to run out with this menu

inside the restaurant… loved the way they folded the napkins to look like party hats

the view was gorgeous as you could see the sea and all the white buildings of Mykonos

Yes I ate this baby octopus and no I will never make it on “Survivor” that little thing was so NASTY… but I did it.

Thankfully I had this to chase the taste of the octopus down… my taste buds prefer this way more…

This is the beach just outside the restaurant.

Then in the evening we had a wonderful celebration of greek dancing, lots of giveaways, fabulous greek band, loads of laughs, cocktails and incredible food. Then Ronda, Christine, Emily (my roomies) and I topped the evening off by jumping in the pool with our clothes on…. such a fun memory. This evening will need to be an entire blog post all of it’s own.

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  • Stephanie S.

    Oh you brave soul !!! I could never eat him. You seem to be having a wonderful time. I have always wanted to go there and enjoy those white buildings. One day—-Sigh. Have fun and enjoying your pictures.

  • Santa

    #1 Never go to a restaurant that has no customers.
    #2 Octopus taste like a rubber hose.
    #3 Are you having fun yet?


  • Aunt Brenda

    But Lisa, dear, when do we SEE you? So far I only know that your toes made it to a stool near a can of Diet Soda. Just not proof enough for jeaous me. Love you!