Sep 25, 2010

A group of us went to lunch with Jen­ni Bowl­in and I was one of them… cer­tain­ly no sur­prise to you as it is no secret that I love and adore Jen­ni and her prod­ucts. The restau­rant Tri­cia took us to was a real­ly sweet restau­rant that was sea­side. The view was awe­some.

the col­or­ful flags were so pret­ty as we walked into the restau­rant

their menu felt just like a book… I had to keep remind­ing me with what Ali says… we do not steal or bor­row we gath­er.… I so want­ed to run out with this menu

inside the restau­rant… loved the way they fold­ed the nap­kins to look like par­ty hats

the view was gor­geous as you could see the sea and all the white build­ings of Mykonos

Yes I ate this baby octo­pus and no I will nev­er make it on “Sur­vivor” that lit­tle thing was so NASTY… but I did it.

Thank­ful­ly I had this to chase the taste of the octo­pus down… my taste buds pre­fer this way more…

This is the beach just out­side the restau­rant.

Then in the evening we had a won­der­ful cel­e­bra­tion of greek danc­ing, lots of give­aways, fab­u­lous greek band, loads of laughs, cock­tails and incred­i­ble food. Then Ron­da, Chris­tine, Emi­ly (my roomies) and I topped the evening off by jump­ing in the pool with our clothes on.… such a fun mem­o­ry. This evening will need to be an entire blog post all of it’s own.

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