Cocoa Daisy Destination ~ Mykonos

Sep 28, 2010

This past week was spent with a won­der­ful group of ladies (as well as a few hus­bands) from all over the world and a group of teach­ers (Ali Edwards, Jen­ni Bowl­in and Karen Rus­sell) who I have admired for a very long time. I still can­not believe I was lucky enough to be a part of it all.

Tri­cia and Eli­na did such a great job select­ing the accom­mo­da­tions, the food for our break­fast and din­ner each day, the cock­tails each evening as well as hav­ing a cook­ing class and Greek dance lessons at the hotel. Each night was a spe­cial din­ner out at a restau­rant with either Ali Edwards or the Daisy Instruc­tors, a lunch with Jen­ni Bowl­in or a tour with Karen Rus­sell. There was a tour pro­vid­ed to see the ancient ruins in DeLos and of course the many walks into town dur­ing the day and night, gela­to was high on the list in the evenings. I loved that this group of women came togeth­er from all over world with one very com­mon denom­i­na­tor … scrap­book­ing. It was fun see­ing every­one take pho­tos and col­lect lit­tle memen­tos to scrap with when pre­serv­ing the mem­o­ries from their trip. I cer­tain­ly miss see­ing all my new and old friends and hope to keep in touch with this group for­ev­er.

Here you will see Ali, Ron­da, Chris­tine, Tri­cia, Emi­ly and Pao­lo pack­ing kits and help­ing pre­pare all the good­ies that were giv­en out.

Lots of great prod­ucts to give away from incred­i­ble spon­sors…

Goody bags for every­one…

We had cock­tails like this ever sin­gle night…

This was a group of ladies at the begin­ning of cock­tail hour… so much fun to sit down and chat about all that they did  and saw dur­ing the day as well as what class­es and projects they cre­at­ed.

Super fun cook­ing class. I can­not wait to try out some of the recipes Kata­ri­na shared with all of us… she is a fab­u­lous cook.

Sit­ting down to chat and scrap in the lob­by each day was fun… peo­ple were always com­ing in and out.

Eli­na gave every­one Greek dance lessons…

We had make n takes two nights dur­ing the week… Ron­da, Chris­tine, Gudron and I had loads of fun doing these… dur­ing the day Ron­da and Chris­tine taught their mini work­shop… I took the late shift for mine… no sur­prise there I’m sure… I love being a night owl. Of course I did not take a pho­to of my class­es… that makes me so moody with myself… I get so excit­ed about teach­ing the project that I just flat out for­get to take pho­tos.

Fri­day night was a blast… danc­ing around the pool to this incred­i­ble Greek band, every­one won a give away, cock­tails were served, din­ner was awe­some and then to top the night off… Ron­da, Chris­tine and Emi­ly and I jumped into the pool with all our clothes on … it was a super fun night and one that I will reflect on for years to come. I am cer­tain there is at least one or two pho­tos of us soak­ing wet and when I get my hands on one I will share it. Until then you will just have to imag­ine the moment. So that is the recap of my incred­i­ble scrap­ping week. And if you stayed with me this long leave me a com­ment and you will have a chance to win one of the mini work­shop kits I taught. I brought one home to give to one of my lucky blog read­ers. I will pick a win­ner Thurs­day evening. Good luck!

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