Organza Flower Pin

Aug 27, 2010

I found these three rolls of organ­za at JoAnns for $2.50 a piece. I love the fall col­ors and as soon as I saw them I thought they would make a gor­geous accent for a fall sweater, shirt or even a head­band. This flower is super easy to make BUT you must take EXTREME CAUTION when using the can­dle to melt the edges. The organ­za trim will go up in flames if you hold it in one place too long… believe me when I tell you this… I am expe­ri­enced. Yes my first attempt went up in flames but fear­ing this might hap­pen I first filled the kitchen sink with water, placed my can­dle next to the sink and care­ful­ly start­ed melt­ing the edges so I thought… before I knew it dear hus­band is look­ing at me with the what in the world are you doing, do blog tuto­ri­als have to burn down the house kin­da look, I pass on the got­ta love me grin and pro­ceed to flower attempt #2. With great suc­cess  I might add, I am a quick learn­er in the error of my ways. So if you would like to make one of these flow­ers here is how you do it… remem­ber take EXTREME CAUTION when hold­ing the trim over the flame.

Sup­plies Need­ed: Organ­za, Scis­sors, Sewing Nee­dle, Thread, Fab­ri-Tac, Rhine­stone But­ton, Felt, Pin Back


  • Cut a piece of Organ­za trim 24″ long and approx­i­mate­ly 2″ wide.
  • Cut free­hand scal­lops along one edge of the trim length wise. The scal­lops do not all have to be the same size so don’t wor­ry.
  • Now CAREFULLY hold the scal­lop side of the trim over a can­dle flame. Remem­ber do NOT hold it too close or it will catch on fire. Make sure you have your kitchen sink filled with water just in the case. The heat from the flame with melt the edges of the scal­lops.
  • Once the entire length of the trim has been slight­ly melt­ed begin gath­er­ing the oppo­site edge (straight) with a thread­ed sewing nee­dle.
  • Once you get to the end of the trim tight­ly pull the ends togeth­er and dou­ble knot the thread.
  • Apply Fab­ri-Tac to the cen­ter of the flower and place a rhine­stone but­ton on top, let dry.
  • Attach a small piece of felt to the back using Fab­ri-Tac, let dry.
  • Attach a pin back on top of the felt using Fab­ri-Tac, let dry.

There you have it… a cute organ­za pin to accent any­thing you want.

Have fun!

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