Organza Flower Pin

Aug 27, 2010

I found these three rolls of organza at JoAnns for $2.50 a piece. I love the fall colors and as soon as I saw them I thought they would make a gorgeous accent for a fall sweater, shirt or even a headband. This flower is super easy to make BUT you must take EXTREME CAUTION when using the candle to melt the edges. The organza trim will go up in flames if you hold it in one place too long… believe me when I tell you this… I am experienced. Yes my first attempt went up in flames but fearing this might happen I first filled the kitchen sink with water, placed my candle next to the sink and carefully started melting the edges so I thought… before I knew it dear husband is looking at me with the what in the world are you doing, do blog tutorials have to burn down the house kinda look, I pass on the gotta love me grin and proceed to flower attempt #2. With great success  I might add, I am a quick learner in the error of my ways. So if you would like to make one of these flowers here is how you do it… remember take EXTREME CAUTION when holding the trim over the flame.

Supplies Needed: Organza, Scissors, Sewing Needle, Thread, Fabri-Tac, Rhinestone Button, Felt, Pin Back


  • Cut a piece of Organza trim 24″ long and approximately 2″ wide.
  • Cut freehand scallops along one edge of the trim length wise. The scallops do not all have to be the same size so don’t worry.
  • Now CAREFULLY hold the scallop side of the trim over a candle flame. Remember do NOT hold it too close or it will catch on fire. Make sure you have your kitchen sink filled with water just in the case. The heat from the flame with melt the edges of the scallops.
  • Once the entire length of the trim has been slightly melted begin gathering the opposite edge (straight) with a threaded sewing needle.
  • Once you get to the end of the trim tightly pull the ends together and double knot the thread.
  • Apply Fabri-Tac to the center of the flower and place a rhinestone button on top, let dry.
  • Attach a small piece of felt to the back using Fabri-Tac, let dry.
  • Attach a pin back on top of the felt using Fabri-Tac, let dry.

There you have it… a cute organza pin to accent anything you want.

Have fun!

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  • Heidi

    Lisa, can you show us a pic of the organza trim before it’s melted so we know what to look for at JoAnn’s? I know where to find the organza fabric but not sure about organza trim. Thanks!

    • Heidi, the organza comes on a roll just like rolls of tulle they sell. I found mine near the $1 items. It really is not trim I guess but it is not in the fabric area either. Kinda confusing. I guess just go in and ask them for some organza on a roll. :)

  • I love the colors you picked out… I didn’t know they had the trim like this at Joanns. I know they have tulle like this which you can also melt the same way. When I make these flowers for headbands etc I will use a candle or a lighter but my daughter whom is 16 is scared to use them so she uses an incense stick or a punk (you can find punks easier around the 4th of July and you can get a box of incense at the dollar store.) Thanks so much for sharing this as I love love love the colors and will have to take a trip to Joann’s .

    Elisa K

    • Thanks for the tips Elisa. I think I just might go your daughters route… it makes me nervous using the candle.

  • Katy

    Just a tip – if you have an embossing gun, it will melt the fabric without the risk of burning like a candle would!

    Love your book and blog, Lisa!

    • Gosh Katy… I sure wish you were at my house yesterday. I will be using my embossing gun from now on. I never would have thought of that one. Thanks for the tip!

  • Gorgeous! And great tips from the commenters!