Clayton Sherman Spinney

Aug 27, 2010

June 22, 1923 — August 27, 2010

May you always rest in peace Gramps.

Gramps as a young boy with his three sis­ters. Not sure of the date this was tak­en but I am think­ing some­time around 1935.

I real­ly love this fam­i­ly pho­to of my Gramps, Gram­my and Dad. It was tak­en in1943 just before he went into the Navy dur­ing WWII. My good­ness Dad was such a cute lit­tle boy.

This pho­to was tak­en in Dec. of 2005. It makes me laugh because Made­lyn was real­ly giv­ing him a fit. The lit­tle bug­ger was not want­i­ng to sit down. Which meant she and Gramps were hav­ing one heck of a wrestling match and the lit­tlest one almost won. Thank­ful­ly a toot­sie pop was found and we got a pho­to but this one is my favorite.

As most of you know this was tak­en this past July. We all had lots of laughs that vis­it. Gramps nev­er lost his humor.

And this adorable group of kids, although now a bit old­er and a lit­tle gray­er are all togeth­er and so relieved that their dad is at peace. They have spent the past week at his bed­side rem­i­nisc­ing about all the fun and crazy things they did with and with­out him while grow­ing up. I’m glad they are togeth­er.

Take care Gramps and say Hel­lo to Gram­my, Fran­nie and Richard for me.

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