And finally we are done…

Aug 18, 2010

Oh I do not miss those stripes and stars for one second… not a tear was shed when they got covered by this gorgeous color by Valspar. It is called Prairie Brush and I love it. Now I walk into a room that looks like this… Every single product is in its place and every single drawer, box and nook and cranny has been cleaned out. It feels so good.

I love that I finally have a spot for my Underwood typewriter… this poor thing has been all over the house.  I still need to hang a shelf over the one you see for items that I need but do not use all that often. And I want to dig around some thrift stores to find some vintage prints to hang on the wall.

Behind me the Expedit is filled with products and treasures. I have my glass glitter in salt and pepper shakers, milkcaps in a large pickle and candy jars, tools in milk glass vases etc. I love to just stand and look at it.

My computer and sewing machine have a new desk… this can also work as an additional workspace when CHA time rolls around.

And I think today’s cute award goes to this flower frog doubling as a paintbrush holder…. I love it and it works perfectly.

Although I think this is pretty cute too… I placed a glass flower frog inside a glass dish which holds my Stickles perfectly. These simple little things make me so happy and so inspired to create.

And I must give a huge thank you to Alan a.k.a. Mr. Techy for helping get everything moved in and out, hooked up and just right as well as our trusty little supervisor Sonny. He worked really hard… can’t ya tell.



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  • cindy marquis

    Your new space looks great! Good for you to get everything organized. I especially liked the ideas with the flower frogs. I’ve got to do that too!

  • Looks so good Lisa. :) I have my doubts about Sonny’s help though..

  • Susie #6652

    This looks wonderful !! I am so jealous….one day I hope to have a dedicated room for my crafting….it is just not the time now….Enjoy your new perch !! congratulations!!

  • Your studio looks beautiful! I use the Expedit shelving system for my studio as well. I love the cubbyhole system, each one has a different theme for my collections!

  • Aunt Brenda

    Kudos to the “redo” team… everything looks bright and wonderfully organized.

  • Donna E.

    oh my! your scrapbook room is so beautiful and inspiring! i wish for something like this someday :)

  • Santa

    It’s beautiful but I miss the strips.