Show Day 3

Jul 30, 2010

This one is a day late but by the time we fin­ished break­ing down the booth and eat­ing din­ner it was late and I was pooped.

As you can see my day start­ed out as usu­al at the make-n-take booth. Peo­ple loved learn­ing how to make medal­lion flow­ers. They loved it so much so that I taught 100 peo­ple how to make them. That is a lot of mak­ing and tak­ing in 5  hours.

Right before the show start­ed I went to anoth­er one of my favorite man­u­fac­tur­ers… Crafty Secrets.  They have some adorable items com­ing out. You will notice sev­er­al projects using my friend Vic­ki Chris­man­’s 3D shad­ow box frame dies and they are super cute.

Their booth is filled with loads of vin­tage good­ness.

Notice the 3D Shad­ow Box Frame above… I love the cal­en­dar added… so cute.

This kitchen dis­play was adorable and much cuter in per­son, my pho­to does not do it jus­tice. I loved it!

And more of Vick­i’s 3D Shad­own Box Frames. Are these adorable or what? I have two that I have got to play with soon.

Then dur­ing the day one of my work­shop par­tic­i­pants came with her fin­ished “It’s All About The Dress” projects. I was so hap­py to see them and real­ly appre­ci­at­ed her effort to car­ry these two framed pieces to the show so I could see. Thank you Deb.

Tomor­row I head home and can’t wait to see my fam­i­ly. This after­noon I went Down­town with Car­o­line and her fam­i­ly. I will share pho­tos of that once I am home or if I get a sec­ond wind tonight I might make anoth­er post… but hon­est­ly that bed is look­ing pret­ty good right now.

Hugs to all and I’ll see all my CHA friends in CA in six months!

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