Pre CHA day 1

Jul 25, 2010

Start­ed my day play­ing with this lit­tle cutie Miss Olivia.

After break­fast we head­ed to the con­ven­tion cen­ter to start putting the booth togeth­er. The blank area you see will soon be filled with lots of Maya Road good­ness. 

This is Lau­ra and Aubrey work­ing on the walls. Once it gets past the sec­ond row I am ver­ti­cal­ly chal­lenged.

Here is Lau­ra and David with a lit­tle orga­nized chaos going on. It is always such an accom­plished feel­ing once we get the walls all set up.

Here is some seri­ous orga­nized chaos.  The rib­bon wall is plain tor­ture for me… thank­ful­ly, Car­o­line knows this and gives this task to some­one else… Lau­ra. I have no idea how she man­ages to com­plete this task. If it were up to me to get it done CHA would be over and you would hear crick­ets chirp­ing in the show­room.

Tomor­row we have just a bit more prod­uct to put out and then the fun… we get to put up all the design team projects and from what I have been able to see so far OH MY GOSH are you all going to love what you see. The team real­ly did an awe­some job show­cas­ing all the new prod­ucts. I will share pho­tos of the fin­ished booth as well as some of the new prod­ucts in projects the design team made so stay tuned.

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