Goodbye Chicago

Jul 31, 2010

I sure will miss this city. I do believe it is my favorite. Their down­town is awe­some. I love every­thing about it and the flower gar­dens they have through­out the city are just gor­geous. So I thought I would share a few pho­tos I took while we were walk­ing down­town yes­ter­day. While you are look­ing at the pho­tos I will be try­ing to fig­ure out how to pack all this great stuff into my suit­case. It is basi­cal­ly goign to be like try­ing to stuff an ele­phant into a teacup. Wish me luck.

Cool piece of art.

Chica­go Stock Exchange

Their dress­es and hair are all made of paper… so cool.

The foun­tain. Kids were run­ning all over this place hav­ing a blast.

The Bean, the artists on the right was cre­at­ing a gor­geous paint­ing of the bean and the sky­line.

Fort Dear­born was right here.

This is part of a memo­r­i­al to those that passed in the Fort Dear­born Mas­sacre

I cer­tain­ly nev­er thought much about the time while walk­ing down­town. I love it there.


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