Something exciting…

May 19, 2010

has come my way… I will be doing a mini workshop and make-n-takes at Cocoa Daisy Destinations Mykonos 2010. I am so super excited about this opportunity. It is going to be so much fun. Thanks Tricia for the invite!

And I thought I would share one of my book projects with you. This project has all kinds of stuff going on… hand stitching, die cutting, alcohol inks and glitter. The how to will be posted in my Tips, Techniques and Tutorials soon as well as some of my other book projects. Hope to see you there and remember to live, love and laugh everyday.





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  • Laura Vigliarolo

    you are going to have sooo much fun!!!!!!!! YAY you!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    How cool!!! Hope you have a great time.

  • AWESOME news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those lucky girls…

  • Amy K-P

    Soo glad you accepted! I can’t believe you even THOUGHT of not doing it! It’s going to be a AWESOME opportunity for everyone!

  • love your project!! love the lettering and the flowers and the buttons lining the project. thanks for sharing :)! have a wonderful day! *hugs* steph

  • Aunt Brenda

    OMG… just turned the computer on and that would be the Greek Island… correct???? Quick, passport photo~!