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May 18, 2010

Sat­ur­day I took two sol­der­ing class­es (101 and 201) at The Crafty Scrap­per from the super tal­ent­ed Trisha Con­lon. I am now addict­ed and have so many ideas swim­ming around in my head. So I thought I would show you the charms I made in her class­es and then some that I made here at home.

These were made in class 101. The flower one was learn­ing the chunky tech­nique and the oth­er two were just stan­dard straight line sol­der­ing. Actu­al­ly the chunky is taught in 201 but she kin­da slid that tech­nique in for me.

These were made in the 201 class. She taught us how to cut glass and do the chunky tech­nique. We made the col­lage in 101. I added the vin­tage rhine­stone but­tons when I got home. The blob that is at the top of the “Queen” charm was a mis­take but it made me want to learn how to make dots… so once I got home I made these.

The leaf charm was my first attempt at the dots and I got bet­ter once I got to the bird charm. I have a feel­ing I will be doing the scal­lop edge a lot. I love that edge and want to play around with dec­o­ra­tive scis­sors too and see what I come up with. So there ya go… you can bet I will be incor­po­rat­ing sol­der­ing into my vin­tage style projects for sure.

If you are think­ing about tak­ing a sol­der­ing class do it… you will love it.

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