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May 18, 2010

Saturday I took two soldering classes (101 and 201) at The Crafty Scrapper from the super talented Trisha Conlon. I am now addicted and have so many ideas swimming around in my head. So I thought I would show you the charms I made in her classes and then some that I made here at home.

These were made in class 101. The flower one was learning the chunky technique and the other two were just standard straight line soldering. Actually the chunky is taught in 201 but she kinda slid that technique in for me.

These were made in the 201 class. She taught us how to cut glass and do the chunky technique. We made the collage in 101. I added the vintage rhinestone buttons when I got home. The blob that is at the top of the “Queen” charm was a mistake but it made me want to learn how to make dots… so once I got home I made these.

The leaf charm was my first attempt at the dots and I got better once I got to the bird charm. I have a feeling I will be doing the scallop edge a lot. I love that edge and want to play around with decorative scissors too and see what I come up with. So there ya go… you can bet I will be incorporating soldering into my vintage style projects for sure.

If you are thinking about taking a soldering class do it… you will love it.

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  • Those are lovely. I have been thinking about doing a soldering class myself. It don’t have a very good place to do it would be my only draw back. Being a late-night crafter, the fumes might waken the sleeping hubby. Ha, ha.

  • Laura Casey

    LOVE them !!…The daffodil…the lil bluebird….oh so pretty !!

  • Laura Casey

    I used to solder wires and microphones….LOL…haven’t tried charms !!

  • Those are beautiful! I definitely want to take a class on how to make that kind of pendant sometime! :)

  • These are great, Lisa. I have the tools, now I just need to try it! I’ve watched a lot of videos, so we’ll see how it goes!

  • Love the queen and rhinestone ones! :)

  • Aunt Brenda

    Oh, the Queen is to die for…. Carole would knock me down to get to it first! You are sooooooooooooo talented. Obviously, the juices never stop flowing.

  • You are very good a blobs!! They really look good with those dots and with the rhinestones added too.

  • Lori Mixson

    I absolutely love these charms, especially the ones with the vintage rhinestone buttons. You are so incredibly talented!!