A few new soldering projects

May 28, 2010

I was lucky to get Trisha Con­lon to come to my house for a pri­vate sol­der­ing les­son this past Wednes­day. She is so tal­ent­ed and has so many won­der­ful ideas. Trisha and I start­ed brain­storm­ing and came up with a super cool class idea that we are going to teach  togeth­er at The Crafty Scrap­per. It will be down the road because first we have to get the idea out of our heads and to the table. All I can say is it will be an all day class that will incor­po­rate both our styles and yes I have to say it again.… it is so super cool!

Okay so on to what she taught me.… I love the shad­ow box type pen­dants and want­ed to learn how to make them so bad­ly. Well let me just say they are so fun to cre­ate and if Trisha does a shad­ow box class you have got to take it… hint, hint Trisha.

I filled my shad­ow box with some small and medi­um sized pearls, a rhine­stone but­ton and a resin flower. The back of the inside is part of an old but­ton card. The back of the shad­ow box is altered using clip art Trisha brought me. I decid­ed not to pol­ish the pen­dant because I like the old tar­nished look… kin­da looks like some­thing you would have found in your grand­moth­ers van­i­ty. Also, I did not bur­nish the tape real­ly well on a few spots around the side so it lift­ed just a tad but hon­est­ly I like the look. I know it is not what you want but I think I am going to always have a slight lift­ed area on all of mine as I real­ly do love how it looks… look­ing old and beat up =‘s per­fect to me.

So after the shad­ow box tuto­r­i­al she told me how to make this adorable flower. Oh my… you need to take this class. I am going to turn mine into a pin. On some areas of a few petals the sol­der would not stick even after flux­ing the thing (will have to ask Trisha about this) but again I like the beat up look. This flower looks like it has been sit­ting out­side in a gar­den for sev­er­al years. I love it and will cer­tain­ly be wear­ing this pin proud­ly. Trisha men­tioned anoth­er flower that she is try­ing to cre­ate and let me tell you I will be the first one in her class when she fig­ures it out. You will want to be there too… promise!

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