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Apr 2, 2010

So this evening Alan and I found out my book “Delight In The Details” was in stock at Barnes & Noble at Stonebriar Mall here in Frisco. Yes we raced over to see it and noticed they only had one left on the shelf. So far the only other place I have been able to see my book in person is The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Texas. I must say it does feel strange walking in and seeing it sitting on a shelf. Although it is a good strange and certainly makes me smile.

Remember, I have this RAK giveaway going on. If you want to participate send me a photo of my book in a store near you… you do not have to be in the photo if you don’t want to. Just make sure you include the photo of the book on the store shelf with the your name, the store name, city and state.

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  • Aunt Brenda

    Ah…. the thrill of the hunt!

  • I found it in the Barnes and Noble in Wesley Chapel, FL. Next time I go by there I’ll get a photo… I’ll look for it at our local Books-A-Million too.

  • Cindy Marquis

    Hi Lisa – I saw your book at Borders here in West Lafayette, IN last week. It has such a beautiful cover, it really stands out! Congrates!

  • LoriC

    Borders are out of stock here in Portland, OR. I was even going to drive over to Vancouver, WA to pick one up, but was notified they sold the last issue. I gave up and ordered it online from Borders. I checked it out of the library and haven’t put it down since. Each time I open it I find some other tidbit I want to try. Congrats on such a great book!

  • Debbie Ivester

    I sent you a picture of my holding the book – I will have to go back to the Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie and take a picture if the first one doesn’t count.

  • patti

    still on the hunt for it. I should just order it on line and be done with it.

  • lori p

    just sent you a photo of me and my favorite creativity/inspiration book!! also sent you a photo of one of my creations inspired by you!! thanks lisa!!

  • Hi Lisa — didn’t know just where to post this — wanted to thank you for coming by Flamingo Scraps blog and commenting on some of our posts!!! Thanks for being so thoughtful!!
    Flamingo Scraps

  • Julia

    Just found your book at Hobby Lobby (Lexington, KY) two weeks ago, and they had two copies, but I could not afford it. So yesterday I was at HL and they still had two copies (sorry), and I wanted it desperately.
    I asked the clerk if she took a coupon on this book and she said yes.
    Well, I had forgot to print one out, so I left the store, drove over 5 miles to the local library, printed out a coupon with my Lib card, (its was only 25% off), but I was desperate for it. I drove back to Hobby Lobby with my 25% off coupon and bought your book.
    I could not drive back home to print it as I live way north of town so the Library was the best bet.
    On a fixed income I don’t buy anything scrap without a coupon.
    But now I am the proud owner of your wonderful, beautiful book.