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Apr 16, 2010

It was a super fun week vis­it­ing Jes­si­ca and her fam­i­ly. Below is one of the pho­tos I took while vis­it­ing and let me just say it was a week. Not only were we cre­at­ing like crazy in the evenings we were also tak­ing care of one kid with a mild case of chick­en pox, one with strep throat and a 5 month old… some days we did­n’t know if we were com­ing or going. It got so com­i­cal all we could do was laugh.

Espe­cial­ly the day Jess called the Dr. to make an appoint­ment to bring Jacob in due to some strange bumps on his face, turn right back around after drop­ping Han­na off at school to pick her up because she was­n’t feel­ing well, then call the Dr. to see if she could bring both kids in at the same time. I told her to leave Ethan sleep­ing as I would stay home with him because there was no need to drag him along and wak­ing up a sleep­ing baby is nev­er good. Well that sleep­ing baby woke up the sec­ond Jess and the kids pulled out of the dri­ve­way and lets just say I can’t help in the feed­ing depart­ment… so Ethan and I walked and bounced around the house a few miles I’m sure, went for a stroll around the neigh­bor­hood (me fig­ur­ing out how to open the darn stroller was com­i­cal too), hav­ing to hur­ry home because it start­ed rain­ing then start­ing the entire walk bounce thing again. All the while Jess and I were tex­ting each oth­er while she was at the Dr.  just laugh­ing. Glad to know my rusty baby Mom skills were still there.

I could not wait to share a pho­to of the quilt Jes­si­ca made for me!!! I love it so much and have threat­ened every­one includ­ing the dogs that if any­thing hap­pens to this it will not be pret­ty. Get­ting a great pho­to of it was quite the chal­lenge as I want­ed you all to see as much of it as pos­si­ble so here are two that I think show it best. I think this is per­fect in each and every way and will cher­ish this for­ev­er. Thank you so much Jess.

And I can­not stop think­ing of these two bird designs on the dish tow­els I saw at Anthro­polo­gie. The stitch­ing is so inspir­ing. I would love to do some­thing sim­i­lar but cre­ate my own pat­tern by com­bin­ing the two designs. Then plac­ing it on a throw pil­low or tote bag and adding fab­ric pieces on the wings as well as stitch­ing… still think­ing but it is safe to say once I fig­ure it out I will be shar­ing.

Okay off to reply to email and start prepar­ing for my newest online work­shop Say Say Old Play­mate.

Wish­ing you all a won­der­ful week­end.

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