Grungepaper Flower PDF

Apr 5, 2010

I final­ly got my hands on some Grungepa­per! And yes, it is super fun to play around with and I have lots of ideas for this neat prod­uct. This pho­to is of a flower I cre­at­ed using one of my tem­plates, some Maya Mist, Glit­ter and Stick­les. It was not a great day for pho­tos this morn­ing as it was very cloudy. This flower is a much brighter pink… it kin­da looks cran­ber­ry here.

I did dis­cov­er a help­ful hint that I want to pass along. When using any of the Maya Mists it is much eas­i­er to apply to Grungepa­per using a paint­brush instead of spray­ing. Grungepa­per does not absorb the mist as fast as chip­board. If you over spray you will end up hav­ing to blot some of the mist off which I quick­ly dis­cov­ered. So if you Mist a lot of chip­board and want to try it on Grungepa­per get out your paint­brush. My friend Dina would not be too pleased with me if she knew how much mist I wast­ed blot­ting. Don’t tell okay.

If you would like to make this flower as well as anoth­er ver­sion I have list­ed a new tuto­r­i­al for you to down­load in my store. The cost is only $1.25 and you get a com­plete sup­ply list, col­or pho­tos, step by step instruc­tions and the tem­plate.

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