Vintage Postcard Easter Ornaments

Mar 21, 2010

If you are cre­at­ing the East­er Orna­ments I am post­ing here are a few more for your tree. I love vin­tage post­card images… espe­cial­ly East­er ones. I real­ly think I was born in the wrong time peri­od.

Sup­plies Used: Maya Road Foun­da­tion Chip­board Set, Maya Mist — Sil­ver Metal­lic, Ger­man Glass Glit­ter — Sil­ver, Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Ink — Creamy Brown, Glossy Accents, Dia­mond Stick­les, Cop­ic Ciao Mark­er RV13 Ten­der Pink, Self Adhe­sive Cream col­ored Pearls — 2mm & 5mm, Brown & White Bak­er’s Twine, Aleene’s Acid Free Tacky Glue Stick, Aleene’s Orig­i­nal Tacky Glue, Vin­tage East­er Post­card Images, Vin­tage Sheet Music (The Crafty Scrap­per most like­ly has a lot of this prod­uct if you need to order online… give them a call 972.923.3151)

Tools Used: Craft Knife, Craft Mat, Sand­ing Block


  1. Cov­er the inside por­tion of  the foun­da­tion pieces with vin­tage East­er post­card images, sand the edges and ink them using creamy brown ink.
  2. Mist the frame por­tion of each foun­da­tion piece using Maya Mist Sil­ver Metal­lic, cov­er the mist­ed area with glossy accents, pour Ger­man glass glit­ter onto the wet glossy accents, tap off excess glit­ter, set aside to dry.
  3. Replace the cen­ter of each foun­da­tion piece back into the match­ing glit­tered frame, apply adhe­sive to the back and attach vin­tage sheet music to each foun­da­tion piece, sand the edges, ink with creamy brown ink
  4. Using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive attach a hang­er made from brown and white bak­er’s twine to the top of each foun­da­tion piece, let dry.
  5. Cre­ate a bow from the brown and white bak­er’s twine and attach at the base of each hang­er using a strong liq­uid adhe­sive, let dry.
  6. Accent the East­er images using Dia­mond Stick­les, let dry.
  7. Col­or cream 5mm self adhe­sive pearl with cop­ic mark­er. Attach pearls to top of each foun­da­tion piece as shown.

And look what we in Frisco woke up to this morn­ing.…. cer­tain­ly does not look like Spring. But so glad Moth­er Nature gave me one last hur­rah for win­ter. I love win­ter. We got 6″ of snow.

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